New Makeup Geek Foiled eyeshadows for Fall 2016 – comparison swatches

I recently gave you a first look into the new Makeup Geek eyeshadows that launched for Fall 2016 in this post here. Since there are a total of 18 new shades, I decided to show you the comparisons in two separate posts. Let’s start with the new Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadows.


Rather than a specific Fall-themed collection, this is an expansion of the current foiled eyeshadow line. All the new Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadow shades are unique and different from anything existent from the brand. Nevertheless, I think a comparison of each shade with similar ones in my collection could help you get an idea whether you need them or not. A small sad note is that my collection is quite a bit smaller after moving overseas, but I hope you get a good idea of the shades.


Take Two

This is a gorgeous olive green that would look amazing in a smokey eye look for fall. Makeup Geek Jester (foiled) is lighter and cooler, Makeup Geek Venom (regular shimmer) is much darker, Nabla Cosmetics Extravirgin is very similar but a different formula, less pigmented and metallic, Makeup Geek Dirty Martini is matte and has less yellow in it. So overall, I’d say pick it up unless you own Nabla Extravirgin. I can wait to try it in a smokey eye as the main shade.



This lime green foiled eyeshadow is probably the most outspoken of this set. It is really unique: Makeup Geek Fuji is more green, Urban Decay Thrash (Electric palette) is similar in tone but is not as metallic, Nabla Cosmetics Citron is not as neon and slightly warmer. On the Makeup Geek website, the official swatch (here) makes it look very similar to Pixie Dust from their regular eyeshadow line. I think Limelight would look beautiful as a pop of color in the inner corner.



Legend is a warm bronze metallic shade and I believe everyone (with neutral-warm undertones) should have a color like this in their makeup collection. Makeup Geek Grandstand is lighter and more pinky, Makeup Geek Untamed is more yellow, Makeup Geek Flamethrower is more orange, Nabla Cosmetics Rust is less warm and Makeup Geek Roulette is more red. I couldn’t find an exact dupe for Legend in my (reduced) makeup collection, but I wonder how I lived without it (hihi).



Incredibly enough, I do not own any emerald green eyeshadow, and Epic is that perfect holiday green shade to pair with a red lip. So cliché, but I love it. I tried to swatch it next to Makeup Geek Envy, their other dark green, but the latter looks almost black compared to the metallic goodness that is Epic.


Courtain Call

THE shade I had been waiting for from Makeup Geek. This beautiful cranberry red is finally a red without cool undertones, that can be used in warm fall looks, in combination with Legend, Showtime and the mattes in the line. Makeup Geek Showtime (foiled) is darker and has silver glitter particles, Makeup Geek Burlesque is darker and more brown, NYX Rust is the closest but not as metallic, Nabla Cosmetics Grenadine has a cooler pink shimmer, Nabla Cosmetics Daphne n.2 is darker.



This bubblegum pink foiled eyeshadow is a throwback to high school days with shimmery pink all over the lid. This is a difficult one for me to wear, it really clashes with my skintone, but it has incredible shine and really opens up the eye used on the inner third of the lid. It is definitely the pinkiest of the eyeshadows I own. Makeup Geek Starry Eyed is more champagne, Nabla Cosmetics Sugar is warmer and less metallic, Makeup Geek In the Spotlight has a clear coral undertone.


Hype and Plot Twist

Purples are an uncharted territory for me, so I don’t have too many comparisons to show you for these next two eyeshadows. Hype is an amethyst purple and Plot Twist is a medium periwinkle. I have nothing like them and I am looking forward to get out of my comfort zone to use them in makeup looks.



This deep slate grey shadow stole my heart the moment I put my finger in it. It is super buttery, pigmented, and unique. I again don’t have many shades to compare it to, so I’ll refer to the original Makeup Geek swatches (here) as well as mine. It has a slight blue sheen (more evident in this look here) that sets it apart from other grey and silver shadows such as Graphite and Galaxy. Nabla Cosmetics Baltic is a dark blue-gray but is not shimmery and is a nightmare to work with (sigh) and Houdini has more of a teal sheen than slate.

The formula is outstanding for most of the eyeshadows, buttery and smooth, with no fall out. The pigmentation is amazing except for the two purples, which are the least pigmented and more difficult to get a lot of color from. The lasting power really depends on your eyelids and primer. With the Kiko Eyeshadow Base they last only a few hours before creasing, but with Nabla Cosmetics Underpainting Creme Shadow I can get 6-8 hours from them.

My favorite shades are Legend, Curtain Call, Sorcery, Epic and Take Two (pretty much all of them I know). The new Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadows are available on the Makeup Geek website in single eyeshadow pans ($10 each) or in the Foiled Eyeshadow Expansion Set 2016 (10 for $80, save $10). They are also be available in Europe through

You can find the swatches of the new Makeup Geek signature shadows (the other half of this release) following this link here.

Which ones speak to your heart and you will be picking up?



*The eyeshadows have been sent to me from the brand. All opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate to support this blog.*

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