Makeup Geek Autumn Glow palette – fall makeup tutorial


The leaves are slowly changing colors and it is all an excuse to wear more orangey-red eye makeup looks. This time I decided to put together the Makeup Geek Autumn Glow palette with the eyeshadows I own and do a fall makeup tutorial for you guys on my YouTube channel. Here one the blog you can find more information.

The Makeup Geek Autumn Glow palette is a seasonal bundle that is offered at a discounted price on the Makeup Geek website (here). It includes 9 eyeshadows, three of which are foiled, and three of which have been just released (read more here). This bundle retails for $49 and has a value of $66 (doesn’t include the magnetic palette).

makeup geek autumn glow tutorial palette

The Autumn Glow palette consists of the following shades:

  • Peach Smoothie: a matte peach color, perfect as transition shade.
  • Chickadee: matte tangerine orange with yellow undertones. The first pop of  of color in the palette, an unexpected and extremely versatile crease color.
  • Morocco: matte burnt orange. Hero of this selection, it is the perfect fall shade, I use it in the crease to give a beautiful orange twist to any look.
  • Magic Act: foiled medium gold. This is the perfect pale gold inner corner highlight or all over the lid shade.
  • Legend: foiled warm bronze. Part of the new release (see swatches here), it is a beautiful shade that leans slightly copper without being a straight up copper.
  • Curtain Call: a foiled cranberry red. Another new release. You can’t have a fall look without a red.
  • Bitten: matte earthly maroon. More red please, thank you.
  • Sidekick: matte chestnut brown (see comparison swatches here). A beautiful warm brown that can be used in any eye look in the crease.
  • Bada Bing: gold-flecked chocolate brown. I don’t own this shade, but any warm toned dark brow can complete this palette to give depth to your looks. I picked Americano.

makeup geek autumn glow tutorial makeup look

Check out the video to see how I used all the shades in the Makeup Geek Autumn Glow bundle to create this fall makeup look. If you want more Makeup Geek swatches and comparisons, follow this link here.

The Makeup Geek Autumn Glow bundle embodies all the colors I associate to fall, so I know I’ll be keeping this little palette handy on my vanity. So what do you think of this bundle? What shades are your favorites?



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  • questa palette è meravigliosa *__*

  • Giulia Di Maria

    La palette perfetta per l’autunno *__*
    Non vedo l’ora che arrivino gli ombretti che ho ordinato su Beautybay T__T

    • si si che bello!!! <3 ma sai che proprio oggi mi sono resa conto di non avere dei bei prugna? hmmmm

      • Giulia Di Maria

        Bisogna rimediare Ali ahaha

        • hahahaha pensavo a Fashion Addict, tu ce l’hai?

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Such beautiful colours and I am drawn to curtain call, even though it isnt a shade I would perhaps ever use x

    • I love curtain call, but i understand it’s not easy to wear 🙂

  • eleonora barocelli

    Non posso non commentare anche qui la bellezza di questo trucco. Il perfetto makeup autunnale. Oltre al fatto che ti sta da dioh! Alcuni colori di questa palettina già li possiedo. Curtain Call invece, sarà presto mio.

    • grazie ele! curtain call serve, mancava proprio in tutta la mia collezione!

  • Love the color combination that you used for this look. It totally brings out the autumn glow!

  • Love this look! xx