New Makeup Geek Signature Eyeshadows for Fall 2016 – comparison swatches


Last week I presented the new Makeup Geek eyeshadow releases in this overview post here, and showing you all the foiled shadows swatches and comparisons here. Now it’s time to look at the new Makeup Geek Signature eyeshadows for Fall 2016. There are a total of 9 new eyeshadows of which 7 are matte and 2 are shimmery. All nine new eyeshadows are neutral colors ranging from cool, to warm tones, to orange. I swatched the new shades next to other similar shadows in my collection both from Makeup Geek and other brands. I apologize for the goosebumps in the photos, Fall is here, and I hadn’t turned on the heating yet, brr.


Faux Fur and Bandwagon

These two cool toned matte eyeshadows are a welcome addition to my collection. Since I have a warm undertone I don’t use cool toned shades a lot, but having a few is always handy. These two new sades beat all the ones I already own when it comes to formulation. It has improved so much from the first eyeshdows I purchased from Makeup Geek (Taupe Notch, Unexpected). Faux Fur and Bandwagon are perfect to use together, the lighter as transition and the darker in the crease. Compared to other shadows in my collection, Unexpected is more purple, just as Nabla Cosmetics Circle, Latte is a warmer brown, Nabla Cosmetics Wild Side is more brown. Taupe Notch looks similar to Faux Fur but has a slight shimmer and is a bit more brown.

Early Bird

I absolutely adore this pumpkin orange shade. It is perfect in the crease for a warm toned eye look, as well as to warm up any neutral look. For this function I have been using Chickadee up to now, and Early bird is a slightly darker version of it. Mulac Toast is less orange and more brown, and Makeup Geek Morocco is more reddish-orange with less yellow. I am happy to have Early Bird in my collection and I definitely suggest it if you don’t own Chickadee. Otherwise, you can probably skip this one.


Lucky Penny

This shimmery shade is really pretty and unique in my collection. Lucky Penny has a medium rose base with a silver shimmer that pulls it towards the cooler side of the spectrum. The regular shimmer formula from Makeup Geek is less metallic than the foiled formula, but still translates very pigmented and shiny on the eyes and is better for a neutral everyday look. The closest dupe to this shade I found in my collection is NYX Walnut Bronze.


Pocket Change

This is the other shimmery shade in this release and it is a soft bronze. I love this shade and it would be my pick for an everyday eye look. As you can see from the swatches, I have a few similar shades. Nabla Cosmetics Glitz is the closest dupe, Zoeva Pure Ganache from the Cocoa Blend palette is brighter and more golden, Makeup Geek Magic Act is a light gold and Legend is more orange. Pocket Change is a definite must-have for those who like neutral, not so flashy makeup for everyday.


Sidekick and Cabin Fever

These are both matte and two of my favorite shades of this release, I know I will use them like crazy. Sidekick is described as a cinnamon brown and is a lighter version of Cocoa Bear. I love it because I can use it in my crease as transition and bring it higher up without it looking too much (as Cocoa Bear does sometimes). Cabin Fever is described as a chestnut brown and has this beautiful red undertone that really reminds me of cabins in the woods. It is slightly more red than Wild West and very close to Zoeva Freshly Toasted from the Cocoa Blend Palette. Overall I would suggest you to pick up both shades if you love these warm medium browns.

makeup geek bake sale tan lines matte warm eyeshadows fall 2016 swatch comparison

Bake Sale and Tan Lines

These two are the lighter matte shades of this release and are beautiful warm transition shades.  Bake Sale is very similar to Frappe, but slightly lighter. Tan Lines is darker than Frappe and less mustard than Tiki Hut. So after all if you have Frappe you can skip these two, but if you don’t you should pick one up because they’re amazing as transition shades.

The formula is outstanding for all of the eyeshadows, buttery and smooth, with no fall out. The blendability and pigmentation are amazing as we are accustomed to with Makeup Geek eyeshadows. The lasting power is great and with a primer they last on my oily lids all day.

My favorite shades are Early Bird, Sidekick, Cabin Fever and Tan Lines (so many, I know). The new Makeup Geek signature eyeshadows are available on the Makeup Geek website in single eyeshadow pans ($6 each) or in the Fall 2016 signature eyeshadow bundle (9 for $45, save $9). Hopefully they are available for purchase in Europe without custom charges through

Which ones speak to your heart and you will be picking up?



*The eyeshadows have been sent to me from the brand. All opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate to support this blog.*

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