Nabla Goldust collection look 2 – Radikal Noir

nabla goldust look 2 radikal

I don’t know what it is, but I have been feeling unusually inspired these days, both with my makeup and photos, and I think it is all because of the new Nabla Goldust collection. I mean, I even styled my hair for this look! I have been testing the collection out to write a review for you guys and posting some looks and first impressions on the go. You can read the first one here. Let’s get into Nabla Goldust collection look 2.

The second look in exploration of the new Nabla Cosmetics Goldust collection is dedicated to the eyeshadow Radikal. This super-matte army green seemed like the perfect companion to the other earthy shadows in the collection (as I tried to do here), but I wanted to show case it with its own shimmery brother Extravirgin and the connecting line of the collection, the gold eyeliner.

nabla goldust look 2 radikal

nabla goldust look 2 radikal

Just like for the first Goldust look, in this makeup I will use as much Nabla Cosmetics as possible.

To create this look I started by applying the Nabla creme shadow in Bakery, a light hazelnut brown, as a base on the eyelid and blending the edges with Nabla Narciso eyeshadow as transition shade. Then finally in with Radikal on the outer corner and blending it into the crease. This eyeshadow tends to loose the green component when you blend it out and turns into a cool toned brown, almost grey, which initially threw me off. However, it created a gradient to the look that I would have had to create with another additional eyeshadow otherwise, so I’m not too upset. The full army green is achievable by packing rather than blending Radikal, as you can see in the outer third of the eye.

On the center of the lid I added Nabla Extravirgin which is one of my favorite greens with some beautiful golden flecks, and then with my finger dabbed the celestial shadow Danae on the inner third of the lid to achieve this incredible sparkle. Regarding Danae, I applied and layered in two or three times in this look and I experienced some fall-out that I didn’t have before, when I applied a little bit only and with a brush. So just be aware, like with any glitter product, there can be some fall out and luckily I was doing my eyes before the rest of my face.

To colplete the inner corner I applied a bit of Nabla Cleo and the new Dazzleliner Klimt. I am falling more and more in love with this golden eyeliner, both for its incredible pigmentation and laquer-like look, and for the stunning and unusual red-gold color. I am also getting over my awkwardness with the brush applicator and might attempt a full wing next.

For the lips I would have used Dilemma by Nabla, the darkest shade released in the Goldust collection, but I didn’t purchase it due to the mediocre reviews on the formula and because I already have a cool toned brown: Colourpop Ultra Matte in Embellish from the holiday collection. The formula of this one is very runny and liquid so it was difficult to get a good contour with the wand and I had to use a brush. I then used the E.l.f. Glitter primer to stick Nabla Danae eyeshadow on the center of the lips.

nabla goldust look 2 radikal danae colourpop embellish

Products used:


  • Nabla creme shadow Bakery
  • Nabla eyeshadow Narciso (read more)
  • Nabla eyeshadow Radikal – Goldust collection
  • Nabla eyeshadow Extravirgin – Goldust collection
  • Nabla eyeshadow Danae – Goldust collection
  • Nabla Dazzleliner Klimt – Goldust collection
  • Nable Velvetline Bombay Black
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara
  • Ardell 301 half lashes


  • MAC Face Base primer
  • L’Oreal Infallive 24h Matte in 22
  • Neve Cosmetics Hollywood powder
  • Nabla Cameo contour powder (read more)
  • Nabla Hey Honey blush
  • Nabla Baby Glow highlighter

Lips and brows:

  • Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Embellish
  • Nabla eyeshadow Danae – Goldust collection
  • Nabla Brow Pot Mars

So the creative juices are flowing and I hope you are enjoying this type of posts with first impressions and looks. I went out for a Christmas dinner wearing this look and I got compliments, so I catalogue it as a successful attempt.

What do you think of this look? Any variation you have in mind or would like to see?

If you missed it, check out the first look using the Nabla Goldust collection here.



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  • eleonora barocelli

    Questo look è una bomba e tu sei bellissima! Sei riuscita anche a farmi piacere Radikal che trovavo assolutamente inutile. Le labbra sembrano un dipinto. La bellezza! Hai scurito i capelli? Mi piaci moltissimo così.

    • grazie <3 <3 oddio arrossisco! i capelli sono piu scuri dall'ultima tinta (stessa solita da 4 mesi) ma penso scaricheranno ancora..involontariamente sono scuri e fighi hhihih

  • Silvia Edel Jungfrau

    Mi piace TUTTO di questo look, TUTTO! *___*
    Anche io ho pensato subito a Extravirgin come amico di giochi di Radikal, mi sa che ti copio spudoratamente il look. 😛 Comunque sei una meraviglia con questi colori. <3

    P.S. Ti segnalo un piccolo bug nella barra commenti: sopra Disqus appare una barra di ricerca e la tua firma sovrapposta, non so se sono solo io a vederla. Credo ci sia da rivedere l'html! Un bacio!

    • grazieee <3 vai vai che secondo me questo trucco starebbe da dio anche a te!!!! <3 e poi vediamolo con dilemma (che io non ho preso)..
      per sta cosa del footer non so davvero dove sbattere la testa..ho rimosso tutti i widget e il logo ma mi rimane roba che e' nel tema e se cambio, al prossimo update torna mannaggia..e' un conflitto con disqus purtroppo

  • <3 <3 che contenta che sono che piace!!! i capelli giuro fanno tutto da soli hihih..occhio che se me lo dici di nuovo torno da te e a quel punto li avro lunghi fino al culo hahah

  • Mi piace un sacco! Soprattutto le labbra *_*

  • La combo Embellish + Danae è favolosa *-* mi piace molto questo look dal gusto un pò goth, stai benissimo!

    • grazieee <3 questo look mi ha fatta sentire davvero diva dei film noir.. <3

  • Claudia

    Your hair color is gorgeous! I’m so obsessed? Tu parli italiano?

    • ciao Claudia! grazie mille! si sono italiana 🙂