Instagram vs Real Life Makeup Tutorial

Working from home, I mostly to my makeup for fun, to film, to post and to go out. This means that I’m either bare faced or I’m in full glam by lunch time just to go to the grocery store hahaha. Well I saw this tag on Youtube called Instagram vs Real Life Makeup and I thought it was a good way to remind myself and you guys how different Instagram makeup is from every day real life one. 

Instagram makeup has become more and more extreme these days and I think there are mainly two categories, the ones who do art and those who do glam. You rarely see a “no makeup makeup” on big Instagram accounts, or a bare face for that matter. This gives the illusion that the only way to do makeup these days is full glam, but of course we all know that’s not the case!

I really love makeup and getting ready in the morning before work was my own relaxing time, so I am probably over-done 90% of my days but that’s the way I like it. On the other hand, weekends are for natural makeup and that’s when I get the compliments from my man that I look good. So that kind of makes me think sometimes, but not too long because I love makeup too much!

instagram vs real life makeup challenge tag youtube

What is your thought on this? Do you go full glam every day, wear natural makeup or none at all? I’d also love to hear what you think about this trend on Instagram, let’s talk about it in the comments!



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  • Lorelei Marie

    Hi Alice,
    I love these Ig vs Everyday or Non-IG Makeup videos/posts. I think the first one I saw was by Linda Hallberg. I love that they show that IG has developed its own “look” separate even from going out if you go for the total IG look, which you don’t do. I don’t think you’re everyday look is un-interesting at all. It was very pretty and I think a lot of women would like to see more looks like that, but I’m no expert.
    I have downturned eyes as well, but they’re hooded on outer (downturned portion, of course!). Have you done any videos/posts on how you correct downturned eyes?
    I also realized watching this that you and my BF kinda look alike. I’m going to ask it he agrees later, but your eyes (expect his are a blazing green/hazel, at least they look look it against his med olive complexion), noses, and just your face in general. He is half Sicilian on his mom’s side and I guess looks a lot like his mother’s brother sorry just a bunch of random thoughts. -Lorelei