March 2016 Most Played and Favorites

march favorites beauty makeup
Welcome back to another monthly post on the Most Played and Favorite products of the month. Third one of the year in this format, started by Goldenvi0let and collected in the #teammostplayed.
March ahs been a weird month since it is my first one as unemployed. After getting my PhD diploma at the end of February I haven’t found a new exciting step in my career and have spent the month between interviews, home and the gym. This meant that I didn’t wear a lot of makeup and if I did it was all very subdued and work-appropriate. Let’s take a look at my most used products of the month.
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Take out the trash #6: January/Feburary 2016 empties

january february 2016 skincare makeup empties

Two months have gone by since the last empties post, and I decided to write another one because the space on top of my mirror where I keep products I have used up looked quite crowded so here we go. If you’re new around here, in these Take out the trash posts I share with you the products I finished in the last period and give short reviews. You can find a lot of products repeat themselves over the months and then you can really tell they’re Good! Let’s see what I finished in January and February 2016.

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TAG: Products I love and repurchase

tag i prodotti che amo

Laura Ilmiobeauty (here) tagged me to respond to this tag started by Biancaneve Makeup and Noemi of Parola di Deirdre and share those products I love so much that I keep repurchasing them over and over again. In their posts you can find a product in each of the five chosen beauty categories that they keep repurchasing and love. That said, I totally failed at keeping it to one product per category, the worst one being makeup and skincare. I hope you don’t mind I have so many ride or die products.

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January 2016 Most Played and Favorites

On of the New Year’s resolutions for the blog this year was to bring back the monthly favorite posts, but since I don’t always have new favorites each month, I decided to hop on the bandwagon of Team Most Played and show you the products that I’ve loved and/or used the most during the month. I hope you like this new format and go check out Goldenvi0let, the creator of this idea!
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TAG: How long does your skincare routine take?

skincare routing tag
Every evening when I go to get my makeup off I have the feeling I’m starting a long journey finally reach my bed with a clean and pampered face. It honestly feels like it takes me a quarter to half an hour to finally be ready to go to sleep, so when I read one of Jess’s latest posts over at The Indigo Hours on her evening skincare routine and how it takes her only under eight minutes, I decided to try myself and I was surprised!
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Take out the trash #5: fall/winter 2015 empties

skincare empties
2015 is behind us and it is time for me to through out my empties from the past few months as well and get a clean start for the new year. Since the last empties post (here), I finished a lot of skincare products and went through my makeup collection to declutter, clean out old products that either dried out or I simply don’t use and pass them on. So grab a coffee ’cause this is going to be a long post with lots of empty products and mini-reviews of each one. I hope you enjoy the reading.
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New year new you: pamper yourself with a face treatment and how it’s done

pampering skin treat
With the weather getting colder and life getting crazy, treating yourself and your skin is important. I am a big fan of at home facials with the tons of masks in my skincare cabinet. However, once in a while it is wonderful to go to a professional and let them take care of you and your skin. I was lucky enough to be invited by the lovely Sam of Huid & Fruit to receive their new Chocolate based treatment. I have had my share of facials done at salons so far and I was really pleased to get one like it is supposed to be. So let me tell you how a sublime facial is supposed to go.
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Buona Fine e Buon Principio – Happy End and New Beginning Tag #2015-2016 Edition

Happy 2016 everyone! 
To start this new year on the blog, there is no better way than to draw some beauty conclusions with this tag by Laura from Il Mio Beauty. A way to look back at the beauty year that just went by and to look ahead to the new year we just started. I want to thank Fran Being Cute is not a Crime for tagging me. I definitely enjoyed reading the tag.
Let’s get started.

1) What is the best makeup/skincare product of 2015, the best of the best, the must have among all you tried this year?
Forgive me, it’s the first question, and I’m already going off topic. The one thing that made a huge difference in my skin has been changing my food habits. Vegetables, water and less sugar have cleared up my skin and while I was busy loosing weight, I also earned some clear, glowy and less oily skin. You can read more about it in this post here. I can’t stress this enough: your skin looks like what you put into it! 
2) What is the one product that you absolutely fail from 2015?
Quite a few fails this year (there will be a post coming soon) but mainly  I was extremely disappointed by Kiko foundations. Both the Unlimited and Liquid Skin foundations go on patchy, highlight my pores and seem to sit n top of my skin instead of blending into it.

3) What is the makeup challenge you won in 2015?
I feel like I finally cracked eyeshadow blending, false lashes and contouring this year. I can finally use a black eyeshadow and know how to blend it so that it doesn’t look patchy and muddy. I also discovered contouring at the end of last year with the Kiko Daring Game palette and got better at it day by day. Now I just need to understand all the shades in the Anastasia Powder Contour Kit I got recently. On false lashes, I went from “absolutely no lashes ever” to “half lashes every day!”. I love the look of corner lashes on my eye shape and I even fooled my all-seeing boyfriend who didn’t notice I was wearing them!
not yet mastered the false lashes here but just to give the idea 🙂
4) What beauty product were you wishing that Santa brought you?
This year my Christmas wishlist was packed with skincare and makeup products since I went back to Italy. Santa came in the form of my own self though and I got quite a few bits among which the Tangle Teezer half-paddle brush, the Pupa Made to Last foundation and the Wycon liquid Lipsticks that I really wanted to try. A haul post on these goodies will be up soon.

5) What is the best discovery product of 2015?
The best discovery of this year was definitely the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge. I had it for a while already but never used until a few months ago. Now I can’t do my makeup without it! And a small shout out to the Essence Half Lashes. Another discovery this year.

6) What is the beauty product that you will absolutely buy in 2016?
I really really really want to get my hands on at least one (if not all, hihih) of the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. Rumors have it that they’re going to be available at Boots soon so fingers crossed.

7) What beauty product will never conquer you and you will never buy in 2016?
I am pretty sure I won’t ever purchase the Laura Mercier loose setting powder which is all the rage with the beauty gurus nowadays. I fiercely believe that you can find good products at more affordable prices.

8) What is the makeup challenge for 2016?
My challenge for 2016 will be finding the perfect concealer, especially now that my beloved Maybelline Fit Me has been discontinued in The Netherlands (WHY?!?!?) and I want to learn to do my hair. Just lately I bought a curling iron and now I want to develop a good styling routine that gives me healthy long lasting curls (probably with the help of Fran, my Joico-goddess).

9) What are your beauty resolutions for 2016?
Like every year, wash my makeup brushes more and finish more products before buying more. But who am I kidding, I am a makeup- and shopaholic. It just makes me so happy.

10) What colors will you use for makeup in 2016?
As I am learning more about my own undertones and what fits my skin and my hair color best, in the coming year I will keep sticking to my warm tones, but I love to branch out to the complementary zone with greens and plums. I don’t think I’ll stray much from the orange-brown-champagne and red colors and surely won’t go the pastel pink and blue that are the colors of the year (WHY???).
So here were my answers to the Buona Fine e Buon Principio – Happy End and New Beginning Tag. As you might have imagined, I translated it in English from Laura’s original one. 
I would like to tag:
and I would like to invite you all to take a look at your past year in makeup and comment down here on your beauty favorites and fails of 2015 and resolutions for 2016.
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Italian Beauty Wishlist and Gift Guide for Christmas 2015 Part 2: Skincare

After the Makeup Wishlist posted last week (here) it is time to share the skincare bits that are on my wishlist for my trip to Italy over the Christmas holidays. The Italian skincare scene has been dominated by natural and “bio” brands that use natural and locally sourced ingredients to the best of their ability without compromising on the quality of their products. Again, some of these I couldn’t resist picking up with the Cyber Monday deals, I’m a terrible person I know!

The first product I have tried was the Biofficina Toscana Siero Purificante, a purifying serum for combination and oily skin. It has a water-like consistency that absorbs immediately and uses sage, nettle and rosemary extracts to fight oil from breaking through during the day. I love it, have gone 2 bottles already and will keep repurchasing it at my every trip to Italy! From the same brand I want to try their Hydrolates, pure distillates from different herbs to be used pure or diluted on face, body or hair depending on the scope of treatment. The ones which most attract me are the Sage Hydrolate, specific for oily skin, it has a balancing effect, the Rosemary Hydrolate which purifies and tightens pores (without alcohol!). However, the other two Lavender and Cypress Hydrolates also promise great results. The idea behind buying these waters is to combine them in a rose water base to make a toner specific for my skin. I still don’t know how to do this but I’d love to read up and try. Please comment below if you have any ideas!
The other brand I’ve heard good things about is Antos Cosmesi from which I would like to try the Astringent Toner, which contains sage and rosemary to tighten pores, and the Exfoliating Serum containing fruit-derived (lemon, grapefruit, tomato and blueberrry) alpha-hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate the skin without the need for any physical exfoliation.
This is all for the skincare part of my Italian beauty wishlist and gift guide. If you think there’s anything else I should pick up, please let me know in the comments below (I’m talking to you Italian girls!).
Also, if you missed the first part of this post, the one on makeup, you can go take a look here
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