A shortcut to an eye look: cream eyeshadows

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24h cream shadows
Not every day is a full-makeup day, and especially when there’s no time cream eye shadows are a great shortcut to a put together look in a few minutes! To see how, check out my Busy girl’s guide to 5 minute makeup. Bonus of cream shadows is that they double as eye shadow bases. You can apply a thin layer of these before you go in with the powder to make your look last longer, avoid creasing and intensify the colors. For example, if you’re using bright colors, you can apply a white base to make them pop, or if you’re doing a smokey eye you can use a dark base to accentuate the effect. Many brands have come out with their own cream shadows, from high end to drugstore but the most famous are the Paint Pots by MAC and the Maybelline 24h Color TattoosI have never tried the ones by MAC but I have my share of the Color Tattoos and love them.
Swatches of the Maybelline Color Tattoos from left to right: Infinite White, Pink Gold, Eternal Gold, On and on Bronze, Permanent Taupe, Metallic Pomegranate 
I own 6 shades:

  • Infinite White is a pearl white with fine glitter, great base for luminous looks or just a wash to brighten up the eye in the morning and looking more awake;
  • Pink Gold is a pretty warm toned metallic pink, which would be a nice base for the new Naked 3 palette;
  • Eternal Gold is just as the name says a classic gold that I love to wear when I’m tanned;
  • On and on Bronze has to be the most famous of them all, a gorgeous all round metallic brown that you cannot go wrong with and that I use for;
  • Permanent Taupe is the last addition to my collection and is the only matte one of the bunch. It is great as a base for a brown-grey smokey eye;
  • Metallic Pomegranate is my favorite shade, which I wore all winter. It is a lovely metallic burgundy with fine gold glitter.
The range includes further a few blues (metallic and matte), a purple and a black.
Have you tried any of these or other cream shadows? Which one is your favorite and most used?

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