Essence All about.. Eyeshadow palettes: review and swatches

essence all about paradise sunrise eyeshadow palette
Hello beauties!
Today I bring to you two gorgeous and exceptionally affordable eyeshadow palettes from Essence: All about Sunrise and All about Paradise. Each palette contains 6 eyeshadows and you can find these and 2 more of this range in Kruidvat or your local drugstore for 3.59€, hardly beatable is it?
Let’s take a look at these babies!

Essence all about sunrise (left) and all about paradise (right)
Swatches Essence All about Sunrise
Starting from the more neutral palette, Essence All about Sunrise has all the shimmering goodness that you’ll ever want ranging from gorgeous champagne to golds and bronze colors. Starting from the top left you get a bright champagne, a lovely peach and a pinky-light brown. On the bottom row instead two golds with different undertones and a darker warm brown. I adore this palette and it is packed with a lot for shades I use on a daily basis in combination with a few matte shades from other palettes. Typically I put the first shade on the top in the inner eye as highlight and then any of the other shades all over the lid in combination with a matte brown in the crease. Really happy with this one!
essence all about paradise eyeshadow palette drugstore
Swatches Essence All about Paradise
Second let’s look at this gorgeous colored palette! In the Essence All about Paradise palette you get your champagne highlight color and then a peach and a bright fuchsia on the top row, while on the bottom we find some seriously pigmented yellow, teal and blue. I was very surprised to find such bright colored palette in the drugstore and with such good quality and pigmentation! This is a great palette also for those of you who don’t wear colors too often but need something for those sunny days when you do! 
Overall I really recommend these two palettes and for the price you cannot really go wrong! The quality and the pigmentation are really good and really impressed me for eyeshadows from the drugstore!
Have you tried any of these?

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