I have a crush on boots

Good morning all!

My name is Alice and I have a crush on a pair of boots. Oh wait, two pairs. 

That’s right, I am completely obsessed with these wonderful hugging gloves for your feet. I am a sucker for heels, would love to wear them often but my feet just can’t take them and time 3 hours I’m in pain and just want to put my feet in ice water. But I finally found my saviors! These ankle boots with middle height heels and laces are the perfect companions for long working days and afternoons about town spent shopping. I can surprisingly wear them 10-12 hours straight without any discomfort whatsoever. 
I found these online at H&M for 30€ and after being amazed by the brown pair, I couldn’t help myself from getting the black ones too. The brown ankle boots have the classic weathered leather look and with the tie ups the look is very casual and can be worn with pants or a dress and just give the perfect boho look. On to the black ones, they have a fluffy insert that is already making me happy thinking of how warm it will keep my feet in winter. These have a suede feel to them and are just as comfortable, if not more thanks to the inner padding. 
All in all, I am completely in love with these boots and am already wearing them non-stop!
Have you found your go-to shoes for fall and winter?

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