Skin care Monday: Dr. Van der Hoog Powder Masks

Welcome back to Skin Care Monday!

I love to discover local brands and you can definitely say Dr. van der Hoog is a true dutch brand. Founded over 75 years ago, it used to sell only face masks until 2012, when they re-branded to a sleek and elegant packaging and added various skin care lines for any skin type. Still, face masks are their signature product. They make three types: the ready-to-go masks, the 3 minute masks and finally the powder masks. The latter are definitely the most interesting to me, since they come as powders in a sealed sachet and you combine them with a liquid to make a paste that ends up on your face. The best part is that you can add water, green tea, milk, yogurt, any concoction you think will help your skin and achieve the result you want. Once prepared, apply on your face avoiding the eye and mouth area, leave on for 15-20 minutes or until dry, the remove with warm water or a wet warm muslin cloth. I like to follow up with a moisturizing mask to restore the moisture that was absorbed by the clay.
The dry powder mask
The mask is mixed and ready!
Calming Clay powder mask:
Ingredients: kaolin, Aloe Barbadensis gel, perfume.
This is a hydrating, cleansing and repairing clay mask thanks to the pure kaolin clay present and the calming aloe gel. My skin felt definitely clean and not dry, but not necessarily calmed.
Outrageous Oxygen powder mask:
Ingredients: kaolin, hydroxypropyltrimonium maltodextrin crosspolymer, melon extract, perfume.
This is a cleansing mask that boosts tired skin and protects against free radicals thanks to the melon extract, Worked great for me, my pores looked smaller and my skin felt refreshed as if I was standing 10 minutes in fresh mountain air (so poetic).
Goodbye Wrinkles powder mask:
Ingredients: kaolin, hydrolized hybiscus escuentes extract, perfume, dextrin.
This is the one with the most claims,since it is supposed to bring you back to youth in only 15 minutes. It contains a natural extract rich in oligopeptides that help the skin to relax and therefore minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. Now I don’t have lots of wrinkles except for an expression line on my forehead, so I cannot really tell if it did something miraculous, but it felt good.

All of the masks are kaolin clay based, which means they cleanse gently helping to get rid of impurities and dead skin cells. Then each one has different ingredients intended to target different skin concerns.
Duck facing with a dry clay mask is a true spectacle
Overall I loved all of these masks. What I’ve learned after waiting all of the first one in one application, is that half a bag is enough for my face, and that you need to dose the water you add wisely to get the right consistency. This is approximately 1 table spoon per half bag. Also keep in mind to wear a sweater or shirt you don;t mind getting dirty, because as soon as the masks start to dry, each of your facial expression will shed powder on your clothes. Looks like a hopeless case of dandruff, I don’t think you want it on a good shirt. 
This brand is in a middle-price range, with product prices around 15€ for creams and 7€ for masks. These Powder Masks retail for 2.29€ at Kruidvat and Dr.van der Hoog, and at 0.89€ at Action. A true bargain if you ask me!! You get two uses per mask and they keep indefinitely if sealed.
Have you ever tried anything from the brand? Do you make your own DIY face masks?

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