The drugstore answer to Benefit’s tints: MeMeMe cheek and lip tints

MeMeMe Cheek and Lip Stains

Ever since the new Douglas opened in town which is also the only Benefit counter in town I’ve been drooling over the tints, especially the Chacha tint. So when I saw over on JustJulie that an affordable alternative is possible, I jumped on the wagon and got the whole range! I am talking about the MeMeMe Cosmetics cheek and lip stains which look like a pretty close dupe for the Benefit ones.

Benefit Cheek and Lip Tints
These products are thought to be used as cheek and/or lip products and there are 5 in the range, 3 blush and 2 highlighter colors, which are inspired by the Benefit ones:
  • MeMeMe Cupid’s Kiss is a pink-coral, similar to the Benefit Posie tint;
  • MeMeMe Beat the Blues Pearl Pink is a pink based highlighter, similar to Benefit High Beam;
  • MeMeMe Beat the Blues Oyster Gold is (clearly) a gold based highlighter, similar to  Benefit Sun Beam;
  • MeMeMe Cherub’s Blush is a nice red blush, similar to Benefit’s Bene tint;
  • MeMeMe Coral Blossom is an orange blush, similar to Benefit Chacha tint.

MeMeMe Cheekand Lips Tints swatches, from left to right: Cupid’s Kiss,
Pearl Pink, Oyster Gold, Cherub’s Blush, Coral Blossom
The swatches look scarily pigmented at first, but after blending them out you’re left with a beautiful hint of color. For me it is a bit too small of a hint so I like to build the up more. The texture of these tints is creamy, easy to blend and feel very comfortable on the skin, perfect as cheek products, but I find them too creamy for the lips. These remarks hold for all except Cherub’s Blush which is more like I expected them to be, liquid and semitransparent, more similar to the Benefit ones. This also means it stains the most of the bunch, lasts the longest and is the most suited to be used to the lips as well.
So are these dupes for the Benefit tints? I don’t own any of the Benefit ones but tried Chacha tint a few times at the counter and workshops and I still prefer the high end version because I can achieve the look I’m going for easier thanks to the higher pigmentation and they last longer as well.
I do have and obsession for the Chacha tint, I know, but I cannot justify spending 30 euros on it..yet. So these MeMeMe tints are a good compromise and for the price they’re really great! You can find the first four in the Little Angels Collection for 15£ which is a great bargain, or you can get Cupid’s Kiss, Coral Blossom and Cherub’s Blush individually for 5.50£ on the website here from which they ship internationally. 
Have you tried these or the Benefit tints?
MeMeMe Little Angels cheek and lip stain collection
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