Skin Care Monday: a week of Magnitone Lucid

Welcome back to Skin Care Monday!
It’s been a week since I introduced the Magnitone Lucid* to my skin care routine and to you in this post here. Since last Monday I have been using this face brush every evening with my second cleanser (after I removed ll the makeup) on the Sensitive setting as is recommended. Let’s to check out the results together.

The initial situation you can see is quite uneven skin tone, visible pores on the nose and chin. The thing that mostly annoys me is the constant presence of  and here also hormonal breakouts and almost constant bumps under the skin.
These pictures are of my bare skin with no post-production at all. Funny to see that apparently on Mondays I like to wear the same grey sweater, lol!

Now after using it for a week, I must say that I haven’t seen miracles, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting any, but I do feel that the skin on my chin is smoother and the little bumps and breakouts are less and less. I believe my pores on my nose also look a little bit smaller, and hopefully this is the sign that my skin can become better!
I will keep using the Magnitone Lucid brush because I really feel it’s doing good to my skin, and I am curious how much I can push my skin to be better with this new gadget! I might come back in a month or so with an update post. I am also excited to try the other brush heads when I need to change this one. The sensitive one seems very interesting!
Overall I would recommend this to anyone who is into skincare and likes to use these more technological gadgets to achieve deeper cleansing and better skin. Plus it would make a good Christmas present. don’t you think? At only 69.99 pounds (and less on some other retailers) it is a well priced product.
What do you  think? I’d love to hear your opinion on the before and after pictures!
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