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When I mentioned in my last post that we found a new house and that we’re moving at the beginning of February I got so many enthusiastic replies that I thought I’d share my ideas of how my beauty room will look like. Ever since we visited the house and received the floor plans I have been stalking Pinterest to find inspiration to furnish and decorate the rooms. The idea is for this house to be our intermediate stage while both of us finish our academic paths and find a “real job” and decide where to go live and buy our first home. Therefore we don’t want to go all out with a serious furniture investment and keep it affordable and simple by going to Ikea to get the furniture that we’re missing.

So I though to share with you guys here my ideas to have a functional and pretty beauty room where I can do my makeup, write my blog posts and take pictures. Most importantly I want the room to be filled with sources of inspiration from books to magazines and quotes.

The two most important things when looking for furniture are desk space and storage. Browsing around I found that the Kallax workstation is probably the best solution, especially if I would use the Alex 5 drawer unit as table legs on the side not attached to the Kallax. Complicated much? Check out the pictures and it will be clearer.

I am so looking forward to be able to furnish and decorate my own beauty room! Do you have any favorite decor shop and tips on where I could find some nice pieces online? Let me know in the comments!

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