New year new you: pamper yourself with a face treatment and how it’s done

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With the weather getting colder and life getting crazy, treating yourself and your skin is important. I am a big fan of at home facials with the tons of masks in my skincare cabinet. However, once in a while it is wonderful to go to a professional and let them take care of you and your skin. I was lucky enough to be invited by the lovely Sam of Huid & Fruit to receive their new Chocolate based treatment. I have had my share of facials done at salons so far and I was really pleased to get one like it is supposed to be. So let me tell you how a sublime facial is supposed to go.
At first I was greeted with a cup of tea, made comfortable and the basics of the treatment and the product line used were explained. Then I was made comfortable on the treatment bed with pillows under my ankles and towels to keep the rest of my body warm (big thumbs up for that! nobody can relax with cold uncomfortable feet!) and she went to analyze my skin. Starting by inquiring on the problems I knew about Sam checked closely each area of my face. The final verdict was one I already expected: I have combination skin with an oily t-zone, visible pores on nose and forehead, hormonal breakouts on the chin an slight rosacea on the cheeks. Sounds like a battlefield to me, but hey, I’m doing my best to fight against it.

Then the treatment itself started with a cleansing step with an oil based product followed by neutralization of the pH of the skin with an aloe based toner. Then Sam prepared an enzyme peel by mixing a powder with warm water and applying it with a brush to the skin, followed by a moist cotton mask to make sure the fruit enzymes in the peeling would remain active as long as needed. While this treatment worked on removing dead skin cells and refining the skin texture, Sam performed an incredible upper body massage with cocoa infused almond and argan oil. I was surprised by this unexpected extra, and it was wonderful to feel the hands hit all the knots and tense spots in my shoulders, neck and upper back.

Once the enzymes had done their job on the skin, it was time to neutralize it again with the aloe toner. Sam explained how it is very important to neutralize the skin after cleansing or using acid products. Then it was time for a facial massage with the same cocoa infused almond and argan oil. The same feeling of knowledgeable hands hitting all the right spots, paying special attention to all the trigger points where tension and stress are accumulated in the jaw and forehead. I honestly felt like a different person when she was done!

Finally it was time for the chocolate mask to nourish the skin, made even more effective by the use of an infrared light that helps increase the blood flow in the skin and improve the mood with some light therapy. I’m sure I need it in these cold grey winter months. The first remarkable thing of this chocolate treatment is the incredible smell of cocoa powder, just like the one I use to bake delicious cakes. No artificial scent or other ingredient is present in these products, and I could really smell the difference. This sat for some time on my skin while I relaxed under the warm lamp (you can see in the first picture how much I was enjoying myself, and even dosed off for a bit. Then the mask was removed with warm a warm cloth and the skin brought back to it’s neutral pH with the aloe toner.

The treatment was finished with a botulin-based hydrating serum and the Azulen Day Cream, leaving my skin feeling like a ripe soft plump peach. It was honestly the best facial I had, the massage and the smell of the products being the highlight that made the experience wonderful. Plus it worked wonders for my skin. Divine!

This After 6 years of experience in the beauty industry, Samantha has opened her own salon Huid & Fruit in the beautiful town of Schijndel, just in between Eindhoven and Den Bosch, in the Glass Farm (Glazenboerderij), an innovative glass structure that mimics the old local farms.

Set in this idyllic scenario, Huid & Fruit is named for Skin & Fruit and provides skin treatments both for face and body, as well as nutrition and diet advice. Sam prides herself in using natural skincare products from the brand Nouvital. Nouvital is a family run dutch professional skincare brand which developed a large range of natural, cruelty free and allergen free products. You can find more information about the products here.

Have you also had your best facial treatment? Tell what you find the most important feature for you down in the comments below.

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