Take out the trash #6: January/Feburary 2016 empties

january february 2016 skincare makeup empties

Two months have gone by since the last empties post, and I decided to write another one because the space on top of my mirror where I keep products I have used up looked quite crowded so here we go. If you’re new around here, in these Take out the trash posts I share with you the products I finished in the last period and give short reviews. You can find a lot of products repeat themselves over the months and then you can really tell they’re Good! Let’s see what I finished in January and February 2016.

This time it’s mostly skincare, starting with the second travel size of the Murad Essential-C Cleanser. The other one was in the previous empties post (here), and I really loved this cleanser, I just wished it wasn’t so expensive in full size. Other favorites that I finished and repurchased multiple times are the  Garnier Eye makeup remover, Biofficina Toscana Purifying serum and Dove Summer Glow. I won’t go in detail with these products because I feel I spoke about them to death. Just know I have used up at least 2 of each and have backups. You can read more about them in my Products I love and repurchase post here.
I finished two anti-aging retinol based serums, the Olaz Regenerist Renewing Elixir and the Paula’s Choice Intensive Antiwrinkle Repia Retinol Serum. I like to use these each evening after my toner and I have liked both but haven’t really seen any incredible improvement in my skin texture. Nevertheless, I keep believing that in the long run all this skin pampering will make a difference. After these serums I always apply an oil and the one I just finished is the Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil. I liked this oil a lot even though I have oily skin because I feel it nourishes my skin but doesn’t leave it feeling oily (if that makes sense). I am so lucky to have won a backup of the Pai oil from the dutch shop Cosmania so I’m set for a while! Another oil I thought I used these months is this mini Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair I took over from Fran Being Cute is not a Crime. I love the effect on my skin but found the smell quite funky, so we put our heads together and thought and smelled and thought some more and it ended up being Pure Argan oil from Morocco and not the Estee Lauder oil. We had a good laugh and concluded that argan oil is the bomb!
We made it to the final two products! I am getting rid of The Body Shop Pomegranate Softening Cream Cleanser, which I used for a while but made my skin burn a bit and I couldn’t use it on the eyes. It is not finished but I can’t justify using something that makes my skin feel burnt. For hair I finished a can of the Syoss Volume Lift Dry Shampoo. No glory or shame for this, I don’t use dry shampoo very often so this lasted me forever. I moved on to a Batiste one now and I would recommend it over the Syoss.
So here was a tour through my beauty trash, no makeup this time but a lot of skincare! I am on a mission not to buy anymore skincare until I go though all my stash and backups that crowd the bathroom cabinet. call it a new year’s resolution of sorts.
Thanks for sticking to the end of this post and let me know if you tried any of these products in the comments below!

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