MAC Bowl Me Over lipstick: review and swatches

mac bowl me over lipstick swatch review

MAC Cosmetics has a habit of launching Limited Editions every few weeks and I am never one to pay much attention. However, the It’s a Strike collection struck me (lol, I had to) for the gorgeous lipstick so I picked up MAC Bowl Me Over lipstick and I’m in love and I want to talk to you about it.

mac it's a strike collection bowl me over swatch reviews


MAC Bowl Me Over is described as a “deep burnt brown” with a Retro Matte finish. It is a medium warm brown, truly “burnt” as they say but not super dark. In the comparisons, Antique Velvet (look here) is the real dark neutral brown . MAC Diva (look here) is much more red and with a cooler base, more than you can see in the swatches. My favorite dark red-brown is Mulac Cosmetics Wonka (look here) which is darker than MAC Bowl Me Over. I am quite happy of this difference because I find Wonka a bit difficult to wear in the warm months and during the day. I will definitely make more use of the new lipstick. Finally I added to compare a day-appropriate shade like Neve Cosmetics Incognito (I wore it here) which is much lighter but as warm as MAC Bowl Me Over, and some other dark shades I’ve been loving lately like NYX Liquid Suede in Club Hopper and MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande, which are completely different from MAC Bowl Me Over.



As I learned to expect from MAC’s Retro Matte finish, the lipstick is quite stiff to put on, as you can also see from the swatch above. However, it does not tug to the lips and isn’t unpleasant in any way. The finish is as matte as it gets, which I personally love. The advantage of a matte lipstick over a liquid lipstick is that it never really dries out your lips as a dried liquid does. Once applied, it is very comfortable and lasts well over 6 hours. I did experience some fading in the center of the lips after eating, but reapplying was very easy and successful. When pressing my lips together to redistribute the product, it moves very little. I don’t know that this bothers anyone, but I did notice it. Its long-lasting properties also mean that you have to remove it with a makeup remover or you will have to rub your lips forever.


Do you need it?

Yes, if you love warm toned, matte lipsticks. You need it especially if you are a Deep Autumn like me, this is a gorgeous day-appropriate brown lipstick. It isn’t too brown and neutral that you look dead, and it is not a full-on red lipstick. MAC Bowl Me Over is a great lipstick that you need in your collection. As part of the It’s A Strike collection it is Limited Edition so go out and get it while you can!



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