Fall Favorites – #FallInLoveTag2 Ep.1 – Evergreen

As usually I’m late for the bus, but here is my first installment of the #FallInLoveTAG2 (intro here), created by the lovely Marta from Caffe Latte For Breakfast. I’m so happy to join this year as well (read last year’s posts here), because I love Fall and I love the prompts that Marta comes up with! Well the first episode of this year’s tag is Evergreen: we’re talking about our Fall favorites when it comes to makeup and fashion. We’re talking about the pieces that you can’t live without for the season. Let’s get into it!

fall in love tag 2


As usual I have infinite makeup products that i can’t do without, but it’s more about the color family that I’ll be talking about. A lot of these products you’ll probably have seen in my last monthly favorites (here), but there’s a few more as well.

fall favorite eyeshadows makeup geek


It’s all about the orange and red warm tones, with a splash of green here and there. I am being extremely monochromatic lately, keeping it to my warm toned browns, oranges, reds and the occasional pop of green. What I found myself loving is the Makeup Geek Autumn Glow palette. I put it together for a video recently and haven’t stopped using it since! You can find a look I made with it here.

My favorite warm browns are Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear and Sidekick. They make for the perfect transition and crease colors for any eye look. For the same function I use my favorite orangey shades: Makeup Geek Chickadee and Morocco. They are so versatile! When instead I want orange to be the main focus, I go for the foiled eyeshadows Untamed and Flamethrower, often combined with Curtain Call or Showtime to make a sunset-type of eye look. The gradient of a yellow gold to an intense red is always my favorite. And finally when it comes to green eyeshadows, my favorites are olive greens for fall, such as Makeup Geek Take Two, Venom, and Nabla Extravirgin, it just fits with the colors outside I guess. One of the most outstanding greens I own is Makeup Geek Ritzy, a beautiful warm burgundy base with a green duochrome shimmer on top. I just love it!

fall favortie blushes colourpop hm mac makeup geek


For cheeks I am also quite monochromatic and go for terracotta and warm rose colors. The proof is in how many blushes I own in this color family. Some of my favorite terracotta shades are H&M Spicy Pepper, Colourpop Bardot and Quarters. Colourpop Bardot Super Shock Cheek is the deepest burnt orange with gold shimmer and I absolutely adore it for this time of year. On the a bit more rosy side I love Makeup Geek Covet and MAC Burnt Pepper (it’s all about the peppers in fall?).

fall favorite liquid lipsticks colourpop limecrime


Guess what colour I love to wear on my lips in Fall? Terracotta and burnt orange shades of course! I used to rely on MAC Chili a lot, but I have since moved on to liquid lipsticks like Colourpop Mama and Love Bug, Limecrime Pumpkin and Saddle. Of course I like some variation and for that I go for dark reds like Limecrime Wicked or Colourpop Avenue, and plum shades like Colourpop Hutch.

fall fashion favorites leather jacket boots h&m

Other Fall favorites:


Leather jackets are my favorite clothing item and Fall is the season to start wearing them again. Unfortunately I could only bring one to the US, my beloved real leather black one which has gorgeous green and gold lining. I’d love to get a dark brown or burnt sienna sometimes. And of course boots! I love to wear boots and in Fall ankle boots are my go-to. Last year I even wrote a post about how obsessed I was with two pairs I had gotten from H&M (read here). Since then they got pretty battered and I got a new pair that is exactly identical, in a light camel shade (here). Love! Oh and I was about to forget my blankie! I love to be able to snuggle on the couch with a fluffy blanket (it’s the background of all the photos).


This is a small category I have to add, because my life revolves around food. If you know me in person, you know that I love baking and cooking and I’m always hungry. Fall is the season of tea and biscuits, of pumpkin and apple pies, hot apple cider and big pieces of meat roasting in the oven all day. I’m drooling just at the thought. I am loving cooking Fall recipes, and if you’d like to see one or two of my favorites on the blog sometimes, let me know in the comments!

So here we are at the end of this first episode of the #FallInLoveTAG2 where I shared all of my Fall favorites, ranging from makeup, to fashion and even food. I hope you enjoyed and let me know in the comments below what your favorite colors are for this season that has just started.



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