Burgundy smokey eye – Birthday get ready with me

burgundy smokey eye fall birthday grwm

I just turned one year younger! ahahah, I wished. Friday was my birthday and I recorded myself getting ready for a few beers and dinner out. As I am usual to do, for special occasions I stay on the safe side and wear “my” colors, so this makeup tutorial is for a burgundy smokey eye and a deep red lips. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so that you don’t miss any future videos.

burgundy smokey eye tutorial

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burgundy smokey eye fall tutorial

Since we just moved to the other side of the world, this was my first birthday without throwing a dinner/party in a while and it was weird not to be buried in the kitchen cooking all day for a change. Being so far from the people I love was really weird. I missed being around friends and family, but on the other hand I spent the day chatting and on the phone with them that I really didn’t feel lonely at all! That evening I went to join my man and his colleague for a beer and even though it was the first time meeting everyone, I had so much fun! I am a really social person so being around fun people made it a great birthday. We also went out for dinner, just the two of us, and that’s when all went slightly downhill. I guess I’m not used to American cuisine (!?) yet, but we had a burger and it was way too greasy for my stomach apparently. Well we live and learn!

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