Mermaid Makeup for Halloween: caught in a net – #FallInLoveTAG2 Ep.3 – Pumpkin

mermaid makeup halloween

Halloween is a time of slutty costumes and makeup prowess. I don’t really do either (anymore, ehm), but I like that it gives me a kick in the butt to be more adventurous and creative with makeup. There are a lot of great Halloween makeup tutorials on Youtube, so this is not meant to be that. This post is just me sharing my interpretation of a mermaid makeup look and of course she’s caught in a fisherman’s net. The inspiration came from the new ColourPop Opalescent Highlighters (see them here) and the sea of glitter I got recently (here).

This makeup is also my participation to the third episode of the #FallInLoveTAG2 by Caffelatte for Breakfast. Check out the other parts of this tag here and the introduction post with all the prompts here.

drowning mermaid halloween makeup

So did we say glitter and highlight in the same sentence? Of course! But first the base. I used my usual foundation and concealer but set the latter with a white eyeshadow and the rest of my face with a translucent powder. Then I went to contour my face with Makeup Geek Shore Thing, Dragonfly and Shark Bait eyeshadows (review and swatches here).

I primed my eyebrows with the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and then filled them in with a Colourpop Fast Lane gel liner (review and swatches here). I used this gel liner as eye base as well and used those same Makeup Geek eyeshadows for the whole eye area. Then I added Makeup Geek Plot Twist foiled eyeshadow (post here) on the lid to add some purple goodness.

I went on to highlight with NYX Mermaid Prismatic eyeshadow, the Colourpop Perilune and Honeymoon highlighters pretty much all over my forehead, nose, cupid’s bow and chin. For the cheekbone highlight I used the NYX face and body glitter in Ice and Mists of Mint by BulkGlitters. To make everything more fun, I took a clean mascara wand and used it to apply the LA Splash Amor Eterno liquid lipstick and Colourpop Dr.M liquid lipstick around my eyes and at the beginning of my brows.

For lips I applied Colourpop Dr.M matter lipstick and stuck some Mists of Mint glitter with Neve Cosmetics Rugiada mixing medium. I adore the lip, probably my favorite part of the look. I finished it up with Ardell Spellbound fake lashes on the upper and lower lash line. These lashes are available especially for Halloween and they’re super fun.

mermaid makeup halloween

mermaid makeup halloween

This is my “creative” brain fart, or Mermaid makeup look for Halloween, where I just wanted to wear funky colors, glitter and all the colorful highlighter I could. If you want to make it even more mermaid-y, i would suggest to take some fishnet stockings (calze a rete!) and do the initial contouring and shading of the face with them, so you’ll get the fish scale effect. I couldn’t find any in the shops around my house unfortunately. Oh and since it’s Halloween and we’re supposed to be creepy, my mermaid is caught in a fisherman’s net that I found at the Dollar Store.

You can find a more toned-down look in similar colors in my last Youtube video here if this is too much to splatter on your face. 🙂

What do you think of this look? Are you dressing up for Halloween?



drowning mermaid makeup halloween

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