The Color Analysis Wars Part 2: the nudes

color analysis deep autumn deep winter lipsticks

Welcome back to another episode of The Color Analysis Wars! Tan tan tan (dramatic sound effects). In this series I have collaborated with my friend Fran from Being Cute is Not a Crime to compare how lipsticks look like on the two of us. To know more, read the first episode with the introduction here. Just to remind you, Fran has been analyzed as Deep Winter and I am a Deep Autumn, thanks to Giusy from Rossetto e Merletto. .Moving on to this post, we’re taking a look at nude lipsticks that suits us deep seasons. The main characteristics of these lipsticks is that they do not contain any white or grey, two colors that “kill” deep autumns and winters. 

nude lipstick swatch color analysis deep autumn deep winter
Nude lipsticks swatched on the arms: on me (deep autumn) on the left, and Fran (deep winter) on the right

Deep Autumns and Deep Winters differ mainly for their temperature, with the first being neutral-warm and the second neutral-cool. We knew this, but the surprise was still big when we swatched the lipsticks on our arms and saw them show up quite differently. But the real test is on the lips of course.



h&m rust me lipsticks swatch

mulac rudolf

Who wears it better?

These first nude lipsticks we look at are the ones that aren’t really in season for either of us. MAC Finally Free and Hot Tahiti are two very similar creamy sheer lipsticks with a neutral undertone, though Finally Free pulls a bit more brown. They don’t look bad on either of us, but don’t really make us look our best don’t they? We’re missing some contrast I think. H&M Rust Me instead is quite warmer and has a full pigmentation and creamy texture. I really like this lipstick (though it’s Fran’s and I really don’t need more nude lipsticks) and think it is more suited to Autumn than Winter. Then comes Mulac Rudolf, one of my favorite nude lipsticks and a real mutating lipstick. It looks different on everyone and is classified for all the soft-deep sub-seasons (summer, autumn, winter). It is slightly muted and that shouldn’t look good on us, but the matte texture and pigmentation I think looks great on both of us.

mac craving lipstick swatch

The Wintery one

MAC Craving is classified as a Deep Sof Winter shade and you can really see in this photo how it look better on Fran than me. It is one of her go-to nudes for a good reason. I must say that in the constant struggle of finding a pink lipstick to wear (one those rare occasions), this one is a good candidate because it doesn’t have any white in it.

mac retro lipstick swatch color analysis

The Autumny one

MAC Retro was the first nude lipstick that made me say AHA! I though I couldn’t find a nude lipstick that would look good on me, especially after the huge fail of trying on Velvet Teddy (that was bad!). And no surprise since I later discovered it is classified as a Deep Autumn daytime lipstick.

As a general observation, these lipsticks look more brown on Fran and more pinky on me and that is because our own coloring balances out the colors. For any doubts about Color Theory I want to refer you to Giusy’s blog Rossetto e Merletto if you can read Italian, or Rachel’s blog from Truth is Beauty for English speakers. I hope you enjoy this post and please go check out Fran’s post here and give her some love.

What do you think? Who wears these better? Do you agree with me?Let me know in the comments below.



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