Anti Haul #1 – Makeup I’m not gonna buy Holiday 2016

anti haul holiday 2016 makeup palettes

On this blog we talk about buying makeup, wanting makeup, and that’s not so good for our wallets, mine or yours. So for a change I wanted to share an Anti Haul, where I explain what I am NOT gonna buy among the latest releases and why. This is an original idea by the amazing Kimberly Clark on Youtube, she is such a fun character to watch, I really recommend you to check her out!

DISCLAIMER: The Anti Haul is supposed to be a fun post, not bashing any brands or products, but just to have a laugh on the latest releases, and mainly a way to convince myself (and hopefully you) to save your money and not buy this makeup.

anti haul holiday 2016 neutral palettes anastasia beverly hills tarteist pro jouer huda urban decay

The infinite neutral eyeshadow palettes:

There seems to be an epidemic on neutral palette releases this holiday season.

  • The Jouer Essential Matte & Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette (EU, US) retails for $40.00 and is the most boring eyeshadow palette I’ve seen around. It contains all the basics, which means we all already have them and don’t need any more. I pass.
  • The Anastasia Beverly Hills Master by Mario palette ($45  here) is striking and get raving reviews, but boy another neutral overload! The green shade almost got me, but I have so many greens (this, this, this) that I pass.
  • The Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette ($54 here) is a matte dream, but haven’t we all seen these shades before? The only shade that really drew me in is the rusty brown, which reminds me incredibly of Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear, which I have. Pass!
  • The Tarte Tarteist Pro palette ($53 here) had a banging release during a Bora Bora trip for youtubers (shall we talk about that sometimes? How come I’m never called?). With 16 neutral matte shades and 4 duochromes it is the most versatile of the ones here, but still more neutrals! I pass.
  • The Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette (here) is gorgeous and made my heart skip a beat. It’s not neutral, but oh gosh everyone is releasing the same colors! It’s $65, so you can get yourself the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette and a few glitter and you’re still better off! Don’t need it, not gonna buy it!

too faced christmas in new your holiday 2016 palettes

Too Faced cuteness:

I am not a fan of pink cute things so I don’t own anything from Too Faced, and the newest releases aren’t making change my mind. Every year they come out with cardboard boxes with cute designs and boring eyeshadows, check the old ones, they are all the same!

  • The Too Faced Grand Hotel Café Christmas palettes (here) is the biggest of the cardboard bulky packaging sets. It contains three different scented palette and you can choose to keep them all or gift them away for Christmas. But who’s ever going to gift one third of an actual gift? I don’t get it. And the shades are boring, you have them already, for sure. Pass!
  • They are also bringing back the Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette (here) with a whole collection that includes a face palette with all shimmery highlighter, blush and bronzer. So you’re supposed to look like a Victoria Secret model? A glowing bronze/peach goddess? We all know we will just look like textured orange Umpa Lumpas. Save your money and pass!
  • The Better Together collaboration with Kat von D (here) makes me sad. Better with whom? It is a bunch of shades that don’t fit together. As expected I love Kat’s side with that red eyeshadow, but paired with Too Faced signature frosty pink eyeshadow? Please no, sorry Kat. Pass.

any haul marc jacobs natasha denona hourglass pat mcgrath

The ridiculously expensive sets:

  • The Natasha Denona Star Eyeshadow palette (here) contains 18 eyeshadows and retails for $169…yes $169!!! I understand this brand has always been expensive, but I still would never spend that on ONE palette.
  • The Pat McGrath Metamorphosis 005 Everything Kit (here) retails for $165  and consists of 4 pressed pigments and 4 creams in shades of gold, silver and copper, a double eyeliner marker and a Mehron mixing liquid. As an avid user of Inglot Duraline, I know that you can transform ANY eyeshadow, ANY pigment in magical metallic shine. So why not get Neve Cosmetics Versailles or Liquid Gold, mix it with Duraline and be done? It will cost you $14 in total. I pass!
  • The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit ($80 here) is another ridiculously priced makeup palette and it is not worth its value! Oh and the reviews are bad, we don’t need it! DOn’t get sucked in by the marble packaging. Don’t! Resist!
  • The Marc Jacobs About Last Night Style Eye Con No 20 Eyeshadow Palette, the Holiday 2016 palette is $100 (here)! Little if compared to the Natasha Denona one, but still, so many peachy colors, we all have them. Unless you’re a Marc Jacobs addict (Giudy Big Dreams on a Budget I’m talking about you), you can skip this and save your money.

anti haul highlighter palettes anastasia beverly hills ultimate glow kit tarteist pro paletteThe highlighter palettes:

When Anastasia Beverly Hills came out with her Contour Kits for different skin tones, I thought we had gotten to a point where brands had become smart about catering face palettes to specific skin tones. Boy was i wrong!

  • I went to swatch the Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow Kit ($45 here) and there’s two things wrong with it: chunky glitter and a shade range from white to bronze. So if you have fair skin you can use 1-2 shades and if you’re medium you can use 1-2 shades. What’s the point? I pass.
  • The Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow palette ($45 here) is another of these highlight and contour palettes that is supposed to be universal and isn’t really. I couldn’t use all the shades. Pass!

So that’s all that I’m NOT gonna buy this holiday 2016 season. Don’t let my opinions sway you if you’ve been dying to get your hands on them. However, if you were in doubt, I hope this post dissuaded you and makes you save some money! Also, the Sephore VIB sale is around the corner, if you really need to buy anything use that 20% off girl!

Let me know what you are not gonna buy, of if you are gonna buy any of these products in the comments below!



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