Lime Crime Venus 1 – One palette one week #1

I have a lot of makeup, and a lot of eyeshadows for that matter. I know, shocking huh? Well, to make sure all my eyeshadows get some good use, I decided to start the #OnePaletteOneWeek challenge. Ok, it’s not an official challenge, but I want to challenge myself to change it up a bit and stop wearing always my same 10 Makeup Geek eyeshadows all the time. So since last week I decided I am going to use only one eyeshadow palette for one whole week and try to vary the eye looks as much as I can.

The first palette I picked for this challenge is the stunning Lime Crime Venus 1 palette which I showed you in my latest haul (here). Ok, not so adventurous you’ll say, colors you always wear Alice. That’s very true, but I wanted to ease myself into it. The palette is absolutely stunning and after wearing it for a week every day, I also have a mini review at the end of this post.
lime crime venus palette makeup geek ritzy duochrmoe makeup look

Look 1

I blended Divine as transition shade and Creation all over the lid and in the crease. I dabbed Makeup Geek Ritzy on the center of the lid and on my lips on top of Lime Crime Saddle Velvetine. Finally on the waterline ColourPop Call Me eyeliner.

lime crime venus palette everyday makeup look

Look 2

A very simple and natural look, I used Divine in the crease, Icon in the outer v and Aura on the lid with lots of mascara. On the lips I used Lime Crime Riot, the perfect nude.

lime crime venus palette berry halo eye plum makeupLook 3

I was on a roll with this look, a berry halo smokey eye with two shadows only. I used Venus on the inner and outer corner and Shell on the center of the lid, blending Rebirth in the crease. On the lips Colourpop More Better and some Shell eyeshadow on the upper lip as highlight.

lime crime venus palette grunge brown smokey eye

Look 4

This is for me the absolute deep autumn look, a dark brown smokey eye paired with a dark lip. I used Divine and Creation from the Lime Crime Venus palette in the crease and Icon all over the lid for this look. I wanted a golden highlight in the inner corner and used Makeup Geek Legend for that. On the lips MAC Chestnut lip pencil with MAC Bowl Be Over lipstick on top.

lime crime venus paletee berry makeup look winged liner

Look 5

More berry tones because I can’t seem to have enough of Venus and Shell together. This time in a more traditional gradient, with a touch of Muse on the outer corner to intensify even further the look. Dramatic wing and falsies finish the look. I also am prey of metallic glosses as toppers to my liquid lipsticks, here I am wearing Colourpop My Jam on top of Lime Crime Beet It.

lime crime venus palette red smokey eye makeup

Look 6

Somehow during the whole week I totally missed an all red smokey eye. So here is Muse all over blended with Divine, and Aura in the inner corner. Whereas I always considered Muse a red, I see it compared to the lipstick to be quite cool-toned and pulling berry on the lids. The other times I used it in combination with Creation that neutralized the cool tones and helped get a real red out. On the lips Colourpop Rooch, one of the most gorgeous warm dark reds I’ve ever tried.

lime crime venus palette review swatches makeup looksLime Crime Venus palette mini review

I resisted buying this eyeshadow palette because I couldn’t imagine I would need more eyeshadows and I couldn’t be wowed anymore. I finally caved when I purchased it in a bundle with the Velvetine Wicked at a flash 20% off sale. Oh and I was wowed! These eyeshadows pretty much blend themselves. They are not buttery or powdery, don’t have any kick up but are possibly the best performing shadows I have ever used. I am dead serious! The Lime Crime Venus palette has beaten the Kat von D Shade & Light, Lorac Pro, Urban Decay Naked palettes and my beloved Makeup Geek eyeshadows!

lime crime venus palette swatch review makeup looksThe color selection is quite an interesting mix of warm and cool tones, perfectly in line with the spirit of this palette which is Grunge. However, I hope I showed you that you can create both grungy and natural looks, as well as more glam ones, with this palette. I am particularly impressed with the shades Venus and Shell which blend into each other to make the most effortless and gorgeous eye looks. Oh and of course I am obsessed with the shade Creation, the burnt sienna shade that I would wear all day every day.

The palette retails for $34 alone or less in a bundle with the Velvetine Wicked or the Venus II palette. The official website ships internationally for $10 and you will not incurr in custom fees if you order from Europe because they have a warehouse in Belgium from which they ship. You can save $5 on your first order on their website with this link here. If you already have an account, you can use a different email to login and use the link as well!

#OnePaletteOneWeek Week 1

Overall I am very happy with this palette and that I decided to wear it for a whole week. It was challenging to push myself to come up with a different look every day. I am sure I could have done better with more variety and I just now got another idea for another different look, but overall I felt stimulated to do my makeup everyday so I think I accomplished my goal with the #OnePaletteOneWeek challenge.

Week one with the Lime Crime Venus palette is over and now time for another new entry, the Juvia’s Place Masquerade Mini palette! Follow me on Instagram (@alicesbeautymadness) where I post my looks everyday, and you’ll find another summary post next week here on the blog.

I hope you enjoy this new series and let me know in the comments which look was your favorite and what color combinations you would have used!



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