Lime Crime Venus 2 palette – One palette one week #3

lime crime venus 2 palette review swatch

Oh I am so behind on this series, I apologize. We are now on the third palette for my #OnePaletteOneWeek challenge as a part of the #100DaysOfMakeup challenge I’m doing and we’re talking about the gorgeous Lime Crime Venus II palette. If you’re new around here, in this series I wear only one eyeshadow palette for a whole week and try to come up with different looks each time. This allows me to push myself to be creative and at the same time give more love to all the eyeshadows in my collection. To catch up on the other episodes, click here.
lime crime venus 2 palette makeup lookLook 1

For my first look with the Lime Crime Venus 2 palette I used Pigeon all over the lid, Jam and Mud in the crease and Fly on the inner corner. I paired the look with Makeup Geek Plumeria in the waterline and Colourpop Hutch and Sookie on the lips.

lime crime venus 2 palette makeup look

Look 2

For this look I wanted to showcase the green shade Marsh, but as you can see, there’s little to showcase. Unfortunately the pigmentation fell flat. I still really love the shape of this eye makeup, using Mustard and Mud in the crease and Fly in the inner corner. The lips are an old flame of mine, MAC Antique Velvet lipstick with Chestnut liner (see more here).

lime crime venus 2 palette makeup look

Look 3

Now this look is the bomb! After the slightly underwhelming performance of Pigeon in Look 1, I decided to apply it on top of Makeup Geek Plumeria eyeliner. That was exactly the effect i was looking for: pigmented beautiful duochrome-ness (yes it’s a word). I smoked out the crease with Mustard, Jam and Mud, as usual Fly is in the inner corner. As you might know about me, I love duochrome lips (here and here) so I dabbed Pigeon on top of Colourpop Hutch for one of my favorite lip looks of the month.

lime crime venus 2 palette makeup look

Look 4

This look is an ode to Mustard, which I put all over the lid and in the crease with a dab of Fly to add some shine. In the inner corner a pop of color with Filter and Mud on the outer v and the lower lash line. The liner is one of my favorites Kiko Super Colour Eyeliner 107 Crocodile Green and on the lips Colourpop Ultra Metallic DM.

lime crime venus 2 black smokey eye

Look 5

The shade Boot is a black matte base with blue glitter in it and looks amazing in the pan, so I wanted to make it the star of this look. Unfortunately it took me 5 layers dry and wet to get an opaque layer on the lid and it was quite chalky and difficult to blend. In the crease Mustard and Mud, Filter on the lower lash line and Fly in the inner corner. On the lips I played wit Colourpop Petit Four with Colourpop Coconut eyeshadow on top.

lime crime venus 2 palette makeup look

Look 6

Final look using Filter all over the lid. This matte light blue is very pigmented and surprised me for how vibrant it translates on the eye. I used Mustard and Mud in the crease, Fly in the inner corner.

lime crime venus 2 1 comparison swatch review

lime crime venus 2 swatch

lime crime venus 2 swatch

Lime Crime Venus 2 review and swatches

On the echo of my love for the Lime Crime Venus 1 palette, I purchased the Lime Crime Venus 2 palette on a whim. When it released some time ago, I remember thinking what an odd color combination to put in an 8 eyeshadow palette, especially that blue shade. After owning the palette for a while, I still think it’s an odd combination of colors but it is a very interesting one indeed. I am very used to using yellows and oranges in my eye looks (like here), so the choice of the warm toned mattes really attracted me. I think the most “normal” combinations are those using Mustard, Jam and Mud with Pigeon on the lid, like I did in Look 1 and 3, but there are multiple interesting combinations possible.

Taking a look at the formulation, the matte shadows are as good as the ones in the Lime Crime Venus 1 palette. They are very smooth, pigmented and easy to blend and totally worth the palette. Pigeon is a beautiful duochrome shade that however doesn’t have a very pigmented base color, as you have seen in Look 1. I recommend using it over a colored cream base to get the best effect. Marsh was a bit of a disappointment because it isn’t very pigmented as you can see in Look 2, where I had to pack it on 5 times to have it show up. Fly is a really unique light yellow shimmer shade with a cool undertone that gives quite the contrast to a warm toned look like Look 1. The greatest disappointment though is the shade Boot, a matte black base with light blue glitter. It takes quite a bit of building up and the texture is too dry, which makes it difficult to blend. It is a shade I will steer clear of.

Bottom line

Overall I’m happy with the Lime Crime Venus 2 palette and would recommend it to those who love to wear unusual color combinations in their makeup. However, this isn’t as consistent and good as the Lime Crime Venus 1 palette so I would recommend the latter as first purchase.

The Lime Crime Venus 2 palette retails for $34 on, which ships internationally for $9.99 and has no risk of customs costs because of their warehouse in Belgium. You can get $5 off your first purchase (or you can use a new email) using this referral link here.

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