Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance review, swatches and dupes by Makeup Geek

anastasia beverly hills modern renaissance review

After months of resistance convincing myself that I didn’t need it, I caved and bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette with the sale at Ulta. I have used it for a bit now and though I am blown away by the quality of it, I decided to go through my Makeup Geek eyeshadow collection (read more here) because I had a feeling I already owned similar shades. So here is my review of the palette and some Makeup Geek Modern Renaissance dupes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette review

The Modern Renaissance palette contains 14 eyeshadows, of which 3 are shimmers and 11 are matte. The balance here is very good in my opinion because you get a lot of combinations of colors in the crease that can then be crowned by one of the shimmers on the lid.

  • Tempera is velvety beige with an ultra-matte finish
  • Golden Ochre is earthy yellow with an ultra-matte finish
  • Vermeer is iridescent shell with a metallic finish
  • Buon Fresco is antique lavender with an ultra-matte finish
  • Antique Bronze is metallic sable with a satin finish
  • Love Letter is raspberry with an ultra-matte finish
  • Cyprus Umber is dark coffee with an ultra-matte finish
  • Realgar is brick with an ultra-matte finish
  • Warm Taupe is earthy gray with an ultra-matte finish
  • Venetian Red is crimson with an ultra-matte finish
  • Red Ochre is sienna with an ultra-matte finish
  • Primavera is shimmery gold dust with a metallic finish
  • Burnt Orange is deep orange with an ultra-matte finish
  • Raw Sienna is neutral amber with an ultra-matte finish

The quality of these eyeshadows is amazing, super buttery and they almost blend themselves. They remind me of the Lorac Pro formula, both in performance and unfortunately also in the huge amount of kick up and fall out that I experienced using it. of the 14 shades, only Love Letter was quite disappointing and patchy, as you can see from the swatches coming up. Overall a great great palette that I would recommend to everybody! But let’s get into the more interesting bit: the swatches and dupes.

anastasia beverly hills modern renaissance dupes makeup geek

ABH Modern Renaissance dupes by Makeup Geek

As I mentioned, I have been debating about picking this palette up since its launch. Each time I went in store and swatched it, my heart melted a little. The main reason I resisted so long was that I was convinced I had all the shades already in my Makeup Geek collection. And I was so right! Some shades are perfect dupes, some are close and I definitely don’t have a dupe for Love Letter.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance dupes swatch Makeup Geek review

  • MUG Vanilla Bean is slightly more yellow toned than ABH Tempera
  • MUG Tiki Hut is slightly darker than ABH Golden Ochre but has the same undertone
  • MUG Starry Eyed is pretty much an exact dupe of ABH Vermeer, if not a bit more foiled
  • MUG Unexpected is possibly a tad more cool and purple than ABH Buon Fresco
  • MUG Lucky Penny has the same base but cooler shimmer than ABH Antique Bronze, which has gold shimmer
  • MUG Bitten is more red than ABH Love Letter, but I don’t have any similar shade to this
  • MUG Americano is pretty close to ABH Cyprus Umber
  • MUG Tan Lines is a perfect dupe for ABH Raw Sienna
  • MUG Sidekick is a touch more intense than ABH Burnt Orange but pretty much the same
  • MUG Magic Act is a slightly warmer gold than ABH Primavera
  • MUG Cabin Fever is a bit less red than ABH Red Ochre
  • MUG Curtain Call has a foiled finish and is a bit more neutral than ABH Venetian Red, I prefer the MUG option here
  • MUG Latte is a touch warmer than ABH Warm Taupe but serves the same purpose
  • MUG Cocoa Bear isn’t as orange as ABH Realgar, but MUG Morocco is way too orange

So here you have my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance dupes from Makeup Geek. Now let’s talk numbers. Them ABH palette retails for $42 and contains 14 x 0.02 oz = 0.28 oz = 7.94 gr of eyeshadow. My Makeup Geek alternatives retail for $6 per normal eyeshadow and $10 per foiled eyeshadow, totalling $96 for the complete “palette”. The big difference is in the amount though, because each Makeup Geek eyeshadow contains 0.064 oz = 1.8 gr of products, making the MUG dupes palette contain 0.89 oz = 25.2 gr of product, three times as much as in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette.

So overall I think that the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette is great if you don’t already own similar shades. The quality is amazing and with all those mattes it is definitely very versatile. On the other hand, if you own these Makeup Geek shades, I would skip on the palette and maybe just put the shades you’re interested in in a small palette to use together for a while.

You can find the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette at Ulta and Macy’s in the US and Beautylish and Sephora for international shipping.

Makeup Geek eyeshadows are available on their website (international shipping but risk of customs) and on (shipped for free internationally without customs). Makeup Geek is also having an end of the year sale from December 29th to January 2nd with 20% off eyeshadows and more discounts on all their products.

I hope you enjoyed this type of post. Let me know in the comments what you think of these dupes!



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