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The new Nabla Cosmetics Goldust collection took the (Italian) makeup scene by surprise and boy as is a wonderful surprise! I have been drooling all over it since the press release (here). I purchased a part of the collection and will be reviewing and showing you swatches of all i got, but not here. To properly understand the products, I am testing them and want to share with you some looks I have created with the collection. You can take them as inspiration, or just to see how the products perform on the face. So let’s get into this Nabla Goldust colletction look 1 centered around the eyeshadow Ludwig.

For this series of looks I will try to use as much Nabla products as possible, so the brows, contour, highlight and blushes will all be Nabla. Plus, if you saw my last post here, I was wearing the Nabla Goldust collection on my eyes there as well!

For this look I started with a dark base, using Nabla Creme Shadow in Caffeine and blended that ourt with the powder eyeshadows Narciso and Paprika in the crease. Paprika is also part of the new Goldust collection, and needless to say I adore both the brick color as well as the new matte formula. You’ll see it used in the crease pretty much in every look, since it is slightly less orange than Makeup Geek Morocco, which makes it even more wearable. But we’ll talk about that in the post with the swatches in the next days.

Back to the makeup, I then went to layer Ludwig on the lid. Since I used a dark base, I had to layer this shadow a lot, both wet and dry, with a brush and then at the end with my finger, to make the copper reflects really pop out. I finally managed, but I would not use a dark base with Nabla Ludwig again. You can see on the lower lash line it is definitely brighter used just on my skin. Finally I added a bit of Camelot eyeshadow on the outer v for depth and I was happy with the eyeshadow work.

nabla goldust look 1 ludwig

In the inner corner I layered the new limited edition eyeliner Klimt and the new celestial eyeshadow Danae. And my jaw dropped, how stunning is that! Klimt is the brightest and most unusual shade of gold in a very pigmented formula that reminds me of paint or nail polish from how pigmented it is. I love it, if not for the applicator which is an old school brush one and it takes me so much effort to get a good line.

Danae is a glittery top coat in a celestial finish but has quite a pigmented base which makes it much more versatile to use compared to for example Water Dream. There are definitely better ways to use it than in the inner corner, but I wanted to try.


Let’s address the elephant in the look, the lipstick. I only purchased the Nabla Diva Crime Moulin Rouge from the Goldust collection and you’ll see it all week I guess, and way longer than that because (SPOILER ALERT) I love it! The new metallic formulation is gorgeous, subtle, and lasts all day long (though a juicy beef stew). For those who tried the Diva Crime lipsticks before, this is nothing like it, and I super happy about it! The texture is drier but still very very comfortable and during the day sets and doesn’t move.

So here is my first look and first impressions on some of the products of the Nabla Goldust collection. This collection has launched on December 1st and is on sale until December 21st on Nabla Cosmetics website. Shipping costs are also reduced by 50% during this launch and holiday sale, so i really recommend the international makeup addicts to take advantage of this promotion! Shipping to the US is €4.95 while on sale and it takes an average of 2 working days to receive your package from Italy! Amazing!

Products used:


  • Nabla creme shadow Caffeine
  • Nabla eyeshadow Narciso (read more)
  • Nabla eyeshadow Paprika – Goldust collection
  • Nabla eyeshadow Ludwig – Goldust collection
  • Nabla eyeshadow Camelot
  • Nabla eyeshadow Danae 0 Goldust collection
  • Nabla eyeliner Klimt – Goldust collection
  • Sephora 12h liner in Cocoa nacre’
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara
  • Ardell individual lashes


  • Garnier BB cream for oily skin in light/medium
  • Neve Cosmetics Hollywood powder
  • Nabla Cameo contour powder (read more)
  • Nabla Hey Honey and Nectarine blushes
  • Nabla Baby Glow and Jasmine highlighters

Lips and brows:

  • Nabla Moulin Rouge – Goldust collection
  • Nabla Brow Pot Mars

What do you think of this look? Any variation you have in mind or would like to see?



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PPS. I have been taking a course on photography and Photoshop, so if anything looks off, just blame it on me practicing. One thing I will always try to do is to represent the colors as realistic as possible and will never distort those when trying to show them to you.

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