Nabla Goldust Collection look 3 – Klimt gold

nabla goldust collection look 3 klimt

We are talking Nabla Cosmetics Goldust collection again on this blog (see look 1 and look 2). This third look using the new holiday collection was a bit less spontaneous and more out of my comfort zone. The focus of the look is meant to be the gorgeous Nabla Dazzleliner Klimt, the only limited edition piece of the Goldust collection. This is such a unique gold liner with a very strong red undertone like I have never seen before. I understand when a lot of people tell me they don’t know whether they would ever use it, but to me it inspires richness and lines like nothing else. Can you tell I’m in love with this collection?

nabla goldust collection look 3 klimt

Nabla Goldust collection look 3, part A: the holiday look

Tapping into those who wouldn’t know how to use this liner in normal life, I decided to break down this look into a few versions. This first one is the most wearable and is an elegant gold and red cut crease using Klimt on the inner corner. This placement is my favorite above all because the Dazzleliner really focuses the attention to the eyes and helps to achieve a cat-eye effect. On the cheeks I applied the tiniest amount of the new blush in the new Goldust collectio, Satellite of Love. I read everywhere that it is very cool toned and it looks like it in the pan, but with the right amount it fit this look nicely and didn’t clash with my skin tone at all (which I was afraid of). On the lips a deep red lipstick to tie in with the crease color, Nabla Fahrenheit eyeshadow. I love this look for a Christmas cocktail or dinner. You are sure to turn some heads!

nabla goldust collection look 3 klimt

Nabla Goldust collection look 3, part B: the party look

Now the look I was really going for is this one. I saw this photo from Pat McGrath a while ago and the god brows stuck in my head and Klimt is the perfect product to achieve the look. I applied it in strokes on my brow hairs and the effect is striking! Definitely not and everyday look, but perfect for a New Year’s Eve party. I added a line of Klimt on my cupid’s bow (as you have seen already here) to accentuate it a bit more and voilá, my party look is complete. I just wished I would have actually gone out (but I’m an old lady, so I stayed on the couch).

nabla goldust klimt eye look

Finally let’s take a closer look to the eyes. I decided to create a cut crease eye look (tutorial here) with Nabla Fahrenheit and Supreme in the crease, Cleo and Danae on the lid that fade into Camelot on the outer corner. Of course Klimt is everywhere on the eyes: as liner on first half the upper and lower lash line, on the first half of the cur crease and at the end of the lashes. Funny story, this last placement happened totally casually as I touched some lashes by mistake and had a wow moment, so I went on an painted the end of all my lashes gold.

Nabla Goldust collection look 3, part C: the lip art

The final way I wanted to use the Dazzleliner Klimt is for a piece of lip art. Now I’m not particularly skilled ad it, and my lips are quite wrinkly, but bare with me and imagine it on a plump (injected) lip and done with a steady hand.

With this lip art i wanted to recall the painting Danae by Klimt, after which one of the eyeshadows is called. Specifically, I wanted to recreate the little golden pattern on her veil, since this was such a source of inspiration for this collection. It didn’t succeed completely but I decide it to close the circle of this look dedicated to the Dazzleliner with an attempt.

Products used:


  • Kiko Milano Neutral Eye Base (here)
  • Nabla creme shadow Supreme
  • Nabla eyeshadow Fahrenheit  (read more)
  • Nabla eyeshadow Cleo
  • Nabla eyeshadow Danae – Goldust collection
  • Nabla eyeshadow Camelot
  • Nabla Dazzleliner Klimt – Goldust collection
  • Maybelline Master Drama kohl liner Brown (here)
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara (here)
  • Essence Cosmetics Half lashes


  • Benefit Porefessional primer (here)
  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless foundation 220 (here)
  • NYX Dark Circle Concealer 03 Medium (here)
  • Maybelline Fit Me Cconcealer 10 (here)
  • Neve Cosmetics Hollywood powder
  • Nabla Cameo contour powder (read more)
  • Nabla Satellite Of Love blush – Goldust Collection
  • Nabla Jasmine and Baby Glow highlighters
  • Nabla Cleo eyeshadow

Lips and brows:

  • Lime Crime Velvetine Wicked (here)
  • Nabla Dazzleliner Klimt – Goldust collection
  • Nabla Brow Pot Mars

And with this look we have come to the end of my trial period with the Nabla Goldust collection. I am working on a post with swatches, comparisons and a summary of my opinions on these products and you can expect it here on the blog before the end of the release sale (December 21st).

I will repeat again that this collection has inspired me incredibly to be more creative with my makeup, thanks to the unusual texture of the celestial eyeshadow and the unique color of the Dazzleliner Klimt. So you can expect more looks on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

What do you think of this look? Which version would you wear?

You can find the first two looks using the Nabla Goldust collection here and here.



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