Nabla Goldust collection review and swatches

nabla goldust collection swatch review

I haven’t been this excited by a makeup collection in a while. The new Nabla Goldust collection has made my heart beat a bit faster since the press release at the end of November. A collection inspired by the Golden Age, or Belle Epoque, those years of art, music and parties just before the First World War. Think of Paris at night, reflections of gold and copper, flowing chiffon dresses and the art of Klimt. Well all of this excites me a lot when combined with new formulations of eyeshadows and a new finish for lipsticks. After stalking this collection on the blogosphere thanks to the work of colleague bloggers (Marta from Caffelatte for Breakfast, Elsa from Like a Candyshop, Stefania from Nude Powder, Chia of La Vie en Cosmetique, just to name a few), I decided to pick up a selection of products that I knew I would get a lot of use from and would give me an idea of the novelties introduced with the Nabla Goldust collection.

After spending some time playing with the products and off the record, I think I can safely report here my opinions and experiences on the Nabla Goldust collection.

nabla goldust eyeshadow swatch

Nabla Goldust Eyeshadows

The Goldust collection brings eight new eyeshadows to the Nabla permanent eyeshadow collection, including one new texture, the Super-Matte. The general vibe of the collection is definitely a warm toned one, but with an added air of pink chiffon and a surprise duochrome. As you can see, stayed true to my color palette and picked up the warmer and earthy tones of the collection: Radikal, Paprika, Ludwig and Danae. I skipped on the other four, Luna and Glasswork because they are light pink/champagne shades that I have seen time and time again and have many variants of, Snowberry because I just don’t wear pinks that much and they don’t flatter me, and Absinthe because it looked like another version of MAC Blue Brown pigment and I already have two or three of those in my collection.

At the beginning I struggled to understand the logic behind making two more champagne shades and another pink next to those very vibrant warm tones. However, if you read into the inspiration, they represent very well the light chiffon dresses of the Belle Epoque. Nevertheless, I wished they wouldn’t repeat themselves so much, especially when we are still missing a matte cream/skin tones shade in the collection, and many other key shades.

The swatches above are made on my arm with a finger, but as a new feature, I took inspiration from Phyrra and coated the lower half of my arm with my Kiko Neutral Eye Base so see the performance of the shadows on primed skin. And the result is quite evident I think. The two Super-Mattes Radikal and Paprika show up much more pigmented and less powdery on primer, the Super-Bright Ludwig shows much more reflects and a stronger pigmentation, whereas the Celestial Danae performs the same with or without primer.

nabla radikal goldust collection swatch review

Radikal – Super Matte (7.90€)

Radikal is a medium-dark army green in a super-matte finish. The new finish is really smooth and more buttery than the old soft-mattes, which makes them more blendable and more pigmented. I think this was a needed and welcome update to the formula of their matte eyeshadows, which have always lagged behind the Makeup Geek ones in my opinion.

I was really excited about this shade until I swatched it next to the army greens I have and realize they are so so similar. Albeit that the Hean n.812 shadow is a bit lighter and more yellow-toned, and that Makeup Geek Dirty Martini is more green, I don’t think you need all three in your collection. Radikal is a great companion to Nabla’s Extravirgin eyeshadow and you can see it in action in Look 2.

nabla paprika goldust collection swatch review

Paprika – Super Matte (7.90€)

The other super-matte in the Goldust collection is Paprika, a medium orangey terracotta shade, with the perfect name to describe it. This is a gorgeous shade that I have been using constantly to spice up any look. It is less orange and more brown than Makeup Geek Morocco, one of my all time favorite shadows, which makes it even more wearable. Compared to Nabla’s Petra, Paprika is more orange, whereas Petra is more red. Do you need them both? I say yes, but I am a fanatic of these shades, as you can see by how many variations I found to swatch for the comparison. On that I forgot to add is Makeup Geek Sidekick, which is very very similar to Paprika for level, but still a bit more red. You can see it in use in Look 1 and here.

nabla goldust ludwig swatch review

Ludwig – Super Bright (6.50€)

I honestly don’t own anything like Ludwig, and now I know exactly what was missing in my collection. This warm deep brown has a beautiful copper shimmer on top that is really evident in the pan. However, it takes quite a few swipes before you can get the full payoff of the shimmer on the eye. It performs better on a light base rather than a dark one, and the shimmer is more pronounced when applied wet or with the fingers. Compared to similar shades in my collection and other Nabla ones, Ludwig is deeper than Makeup Geek Flamethrower, warmer than Neve Cosmetics Fenice and overall different from anything else Nabla released previously. You can see it in action in Look 1.

nabla goldust danae swatch review

Danae – Celestial (9.90€)

this is a golden glitter heaven, if you ask me. The Celestial formula is a wet/dry top coat formula and this eyeshadow is a combination of a semi-transparent warm bronze base with gold-copper reflects. The formula of this eyeshadow has clearly improved since its debut in the Artika collection last winter with Water Dream. There is no fall out using Danae and the pigmentation is decent using a brush, but if you want a bang of glitter on your eyes, then dab it on with your fingers. The closest shade I could find in my collection is Makeup Geek Legend, but the latter is a foiled/metallic finish whereas Danae is all that glitters (pun intended). You can see it used in Look 1, Look 2, and Look 3.

nabla goldust klimt dazzleliner review swatchNabla Dazzleliner Klimt

This is the first liquid eyeliner by Nabla and also the only limited edition item in this collection. This is a classic brush tip liner in one of the most unique shades I’ve ever seen. Klimt is the color of molten gold, with a strong red undertone that makes it look almost duochrome. The formula is also a winning one because it is highly metallic and pigmented but elastic and flexible at the same time. This means that the lasting power is incredible and it doesn’t crumble like other colored eyeliners out there. I have used it in all three makeup looks dedicated to this collection because I think this is THE defining product in this collection. To those of you who have told me that you wouldn’t purchase it because you wouldn’t know how to use it, I am wearing it in the inner corner of most of my makeup looks and it is infinite times better than any eyeshadow to open up the eyes.

nabla goldust collection satellite of love swatch

Blossom Blush

Satellite of Love (10.50€)

There are two blushes in the Goldust collection: Harper, a light pink, and Satellite of Love, a burgundy. Do you have any doubt on which one I would pick? Of course the burgundy. First of all though, I wouldn’t call Satellite of Love a burgundy shade but rather a warm berry. Second is that it is described as having a blue sheen, which scared me off from getting it at the beginning, but in the end I caved and I am happy I did. The blue sheen is really only visible in a heavy swatch and at a certain angle, and on my cheeks the blush just looks like a beautiful berry flush. It is definitely the most pigmented of Nabla’s Blossom Blushes so far (see swatches here) and you need the smallest amount. Better to start light and build it up, rather than end up looking like Heidi. Compared with some other Nabla blushes I own, Regal Mauve is lighter and with more of a sheen and Impulse is lighter, brighter and more pink/coral. My favorite berry blush so far has been the Max Factor Creme Puff blush in Gorgeous Berries, which is definitely cooler and more purple. Overall I am so happy I did pick Satellite of Love up and you can see it in action in Look 3.

Diva Crime lipstick

Moulin Rouge – 12.90€

This is the first Diva Crime I own, but not the first I try. I tried two from the Artika collection and I was quite shocked to find them very creamy and sliding all over the place, when they are supposed to be a “modern matte” finish. I am very happy to report that Moulin Rouge is nothing like the others. Moulin Rouge is a drier formula, but still slides on and wears very comfortably. To give you an idea, it is creamier than a MAC Matte formula, but slightly drier than an Amplified lipstick. I found it a bit tricky to get a sharp edge from the bullet and prefer to apply it with a brush. At first application it still felt slippery from the bullet, but the color is very full so I’m ok with compromising on application. Thankfully Moulin Rouge dries down during the day to a comfortable matte finish that lasted the entire day with minimal fading, including after meals. I am really happy and excited about this lipstick. The Diva Crime lipsticks from the Goldust collection are permanent, but the gold packaging is available only in limited quantities.

Nabla Goldust collection: my two cents

Well, 1500 words later, here we are to draw some conclusions on the Nabla Cosmetics Goldust collection. I started out very excited and a bit confused by this collection, so I went safe with the products I ordered. Among these, I have fallen in love and hard with the new super-matte texture for the eyeshadows and the Dazzleliner Klimt. My first Diva Crime lipstick is a great success and metallic, the cool toned blush is warmer than I thought, so after all I have my Goldust happy ending. I can wholeheartedly recommend each and every product on this post.

If you missed them, check out the makeup looks I created using the Nabla Goldust collection:

The Nabla Goldust collection is available on and at their official retailers since December 1st, 2016. I have already mentioned it, but will repeat that Nabla ships internationally with FedEx 2-day shipping. The Goldust collection is available at discounted price (15% off) until December 21st, and the sale includes 50% off worldwide shipping for orders above 19€. I recommend to take advantage of this sale since shipping is reduced to a mere 4.95€ to the US, which is less than USPS charges for 7-day delivery (just saying).

Have you picked up any of these products or will you? Which one is your favorite?



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