November Beauty Favorites 2016

november beauty favorites 2016

Then you find yourself sitting at your vanity at the beginning of December scavenging for favorites in you makeup stash, bad blogger! Anyway, welcome to my November Beauty Favorites!

I didn’t keep track of my favorite products the past month, so this round up is really only of those bits that stayed in my heart all this time. As usual, this post is a short summary, but please go watch the video if you feel like listening to me really talking about the products in more details!

This month I’ve been giving a good use to two palettes as part of my #OneWeekOnePalette series. The first one is Juvia’s Place Masquerade Mini palette, colorful, super pigmented and gorgeous (looks and swatches here). The Lime Crime Venus 2 palette earned a spot in my heart for the interesting color combination and crazy colors (looks and review here).

As a base for a quick eye look I have been using Nabla Cosmetics Creme Shadow in Bakery. After the initial disappointment of having gotten a shade too light for any smokey eye, I re-purposed it as eyeshadow base for everyday use and it is great. It doesn’t crease on my oily eyelids, blends easily, sets well and gives a natural contour to the eye.

colourpop metallic liquid lipstick gloss swatch

I have been obsessed with metallic lips this month. Ok, so I’m always obsessed with metallic lips, but this month in particular. Honorable mentions go to Colourpop Wolfie (wearing it in the video), Flitter, Mug Shot and DM. You can see some of the looks on my Instagram account @alicesbeautymadness. Also from Colourpop my highlighter of the month: Lunch Money. A beautiful light gold that isn’t too much and is the perfect shade for my skin tone.

Moving on to hair, I’ve resumed blow drying my hair now that it’s too cold to let them air dry. My secret weapon is the Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Half Paddle brush. This hair brush help my hair dry faster and with less frizz, which for me is plenty since I normally don’t do anything with my hair at all.

Also shower-related is the discovery of the past few months, the Schick/Wilkinson Hydro Silk Razor Blades. Once the blade get wet, a shaving gel is released and you’re good to go! No extra step, quick and delicate for sensitive skin! As we say in Italy, try to believe (provare per credere)!

These were my favorite products for the month of November. If you want to read a bit of my favorite times in our life in the States, you can find an update here.

What was your favorite product of the month? Did you try any of these?



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