Red Glitter Lips Tutorial

red glitter lips tutorial video youtube diy how to

The holidays are upon us (yes, I like to use this phrase a lot) and red lips are a must for this season. One of the trends that has taken the internet by storm is glitter lips, introduced by Pat McGrath on the Versace runway some months ago. She even released her glitter lip kits, but you don’t have to spend $60 to achieve the look. In this tutorial I show you three ways to create red glitter lips using makeup products that are affordable and already part of your collection.

red glitter lips tutorial method 1

Red glitter lips method 1:

For the first method i used a creamy lipstick, the L’Oreal Collection Exclusive Blake’s Red (read more here) as a base to apply the glitter on top. This is a very easy method, however it will not last very long due to the creaminess of the lipstick.

red glitter lips tutorial method 2

Red glitter lips method 2:

The second way to achieve red glitter lips is to use a liquid lipstick as a base. One of my favorite red for the holidays is the Sephora Cream Lip Stain 01 Always Red (read more here). The trick with this method is to apply the glitter while the liquid lipstick is still wet, so when it dries down it sticks the glitter firmly and will last you the whole evening. This is my favorite method and the one that gives you the most glitter on your lips. The glitter I used for these two looks is Runway Red from Glitter My World ($1 here).

red glitter lips tutorial method 3

Red glitter lips method 3:

The easiest and fuss-free method is to use a glitter gloss on top of any lipstick you want to wear. You avoid the mess of getting glitter all over your vanity, baking around you mouth, etc. For this look I picked two options, the Colourpop x Hello Kitty gloss KT (on the left half of my lips) or the Who Is She Cosmetics Lip Composite in Veronica’s Poison (on the right side).

So overall I hope I showed you how easy it is to achieve stunning red glitter lips without breaking the bank and without special skills.

Which method do you prefer and you would use?



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