2016 makeup favorites part 2: EYES and LIPS

2016 italian makeup favorites nabla kiko mulac neve

Here we are for Part 2 of my 2016 makeup favorites. In Part 1 I told you all about my favorite products for the base and the face so now let’s take a look to eyes and lips. As I mentioned before, on the Youtube channel I split my favorites between Italian and other makeup, but on the blog I divided it by product type. So lets take a look at my favorite eye and lip makeup.


I discovered quite few great eyebrow products in 2016! Going chronologically, the NYX Micro Brow pencil was the eyebrow pencil of the year. I used to love the Kiko Precision Eyebrow pencil but you have to sharpen it, so the NYX one won big time. Has a spoolie on one side and the retractable pencil on the other. It has been often said to be a perfect dupe of the Anastasia Beverly Hills BrowWiz and it’s half the price. Later this year we saw the release of the Nabla Cosmetics Brow Pots and I fell hard in love with the shade Mars. The texture is similar to the Anastasia Dip Brow, but different at the same time, and again half of the price. I love it, and you’ll hear more about it in a dedicated post coming soon.

Cream Eyeshadows

No surprise here, the best cream eyeshadows of 2016 are hands down the Nabla Creme Shadows. I loved Underpainting as an eyeshadow primer/base, as it’s yellow-toned like MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot. It recently dried out on me after only 3 months, but I just recently was told to apply it with a wet sponge and I’m in love with it all over again (thank you Giudy!). The other shades I have and love are Supreme, a shimmery red, Bakery, a medium matte brown perfect for 5 minute makeup, and Caffeine, a dark brown I use as base for my smokey eyes.

Powder Eyeshadows

Again I’m going to be obvious and say that my favorite eyeshadows are the Makeup Geek eyeshadows. It’s no news if you’ve been around the blog of course, but this year especially my collection grew a lot and I realized I am not a palette person. Further proof are my other eyeshadows favorites, the Nabla Cosmetics eyeshadow refills. I blab about these enough on the blog, so check the posts out for more. The last eyeshadowsI want to mention are the Neve Cosmetics loose shadows in Fondente and Ticket, as well as their Duochrome palette. Maybe you’d be interested in a full review and swatches? Let me know in the comments.

The quality of these shadow formulas is outstanding and I just can’t stop collecting them. The clear sign these have been my favorites is that when I had to move to the US, my Zpalettes and Nabla Liberty palettes were the only ones coming with me.

Of more recent purchases, the one that really struck me for the quality of the eyeshadows is the Lime Crime Venus 1 palette. The shadows almost blend themselves and the color range is so in my ball park that it is the perfect little palette.

Liquid Lipsticks:

Well 2016 has definitely been the year of the liquid lipsticks with every brand bringing out their own  version. For me it has been the year of Lime Crime Velvetines and Colourpop liquid lipsticks. In the first video dedicated to the favorites (here) you can see my (small?!) collection of liquid lipsticks and I just wished I had more days in the week to wear them.


Traditional lipstick discovery of the year are the lipsticks by Mulac Cosmetics. This is an Italian brand that only ships to Italy unfortunately, but their products are truly great. The lipsticks I have are Rudolph and Milf (nudes), Candy Cane (metallic purple-pink), Crazy Like a Fox (bright warm red) and Wonka (my favorite, dark red-brown). I love them all thanks to their very matte and long lasting formula, think MAC Retro-matte that I can trust to last me all day.

So here are my 2016 makeup favorites and discoveries for eyes and lips. Don’t forget to check out part 1 on the base products, as well as the two videos.

What was your favorite lipstick of 2016?



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