Makeup Stash: Colourpop Highlighters – review and swatches

colourpop highlighters swatch review

I had this plan of showing you my Colourpop collection in detail with swatches after I posted my collection video on Youtube (here), but that was last year (hihi pun intended). Oops. Better late than never though and after the post on the eyeshadows (here), now we are taking a look at my Colourpop highlighters.

The Colourpop Supershock Cheek highlighters come in similar white plastic packaging as the eyeshadows, but significantly bigger. Each pot of cheek products contains 4.2 grams of products versus the 2.1 grams of the eyeshadows. This however doesn’t mean you’re paying double, instead the Colourpop highlighters (and blushes for that matter) retail for $8.

Colourpop highlighters come in a huge range of shades for all skin tones and some crazy colors as well. They all have what they call a pearlized finish, which means that they are highly metallic. However, I find that they have different formulas depending on the colors.

colourpop highlighter swatches

Colourpop Pearlized Highlighters

I have four “traditional” highlighters by Colourpop ranging on a few different shades and among these four, I think there are three different finishes. Let’s take a look in more detail:

  • Colourpop Flexitarian is an intense white champagne color and my favorite formula of all of them. It is a very light shade perfect for very fair skin and looks a bit too light on me, leaving a white-ish stripe on my skin. However, the shine of this highlighter is so gorgeous that I make it work nonetheless.
  • Colourpop Lunch Money is a soft light gold, the least metallic and glowy of the highlighters I own. I love this for a subtle and very natural glow, the one you would use on an everyday basis, when you don’t want to blind the bus driver.
  • Colourpop Wisp is the perfect shade for my skin tone. A beautiful gold with the right amount of shine. This would honestly be my favorite thing if it had the same formula as Flexitarian.
  • Colourpop Might Be is a rose gold highlighter that is unfortunately too dark for light skin tones. The formula is very similar to Wisp and gives a medium and buildable glow. I use it as a blush topper (when I can be bothered) but to be honest I never use it and was so sad that it shows up so dark on me. But I really recommend it for more medium and dark skin tones. It is so beautiful!

colourpop highlighters iridescent opalescent perilune Honeymoon over the moon

colourpop highlighters iridescent opalescent perilune Honeymoon over the moon

Colourpop Opalescent Highlighters

These three special highlighters were launched back in the Fall and are a fun alternative to the usual colors. The Colourpop opalescent highlighters consist of a translucent base with a colored shimmer through it that is visible only when it catches the light. I had great expectations for these because I am obsessed with duochrome and shifting highlights lately. Unfortunately I find them quite difficult to wear on a daily basis because the colored bit of the Colourpop highlighters is glitter instead of a fine pearl. So I have repurposed them and used them in some lip art (here) and in my Siren Halloween costume (here).

  • Perilune has a gold and green glitter,
  • Honeymoon has a blue and violet glitter,
  • Over the Moon has hot pink and violet glitter.

Applying Colourpop Highlighters

The application of Colourpop highlighters is different from the usual powder highlighters because the texture is closer to a cream than a powder. The first method I used to apply these was with my fingers, dabbing the product on the top of my cheekbone, but I feel like I was wasting a lot of product on my finger, plus I don’t really like applying makeup with my hands. My preferred method is to use an E.l.f. Small Stipple brush to apply them. This type of brush picks up the right amount of product and applies it all on the face without moving your foundation. I have also tried using the Real Techniques Setting Brush which is my favorite brush for powder highlighters, but it didn’t pick up enough product and didn’t work for me.

So here are my Colourpop highlighters: Flexitarian has the best payoff, but Wisp is my favorite shade. I recommend to apply them with a small stippling brush to get optimal results. You can purchase these exclusively on Have you tried them out? Which one is your favorite?



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