Rediscovering the blogging world

Last summer I accepted a request that was for me more of a challenge: I made my first Youtube video. It started on request from some girls in a makeup group (Armocromia – Rossetto e Merletto) to do a tutorial on the makeup looks I was posting to help less expert girls to achieve the looks. Well since then Youtube has now become my main focus and I have just realized how I lost contact with blogging ever since.

I revived my tablet and found Bloglovin installed so tonight I spent some time going through the latest blog posts of bloggers I followed in the past and oh how much I enjoyed it! Seeing all these girls I followed for so long but lost contact with in the last months. I definitely recommend installing and following your favorite bloggers on Bloglovin, it’s such a handy app!

Unfortunately I have slacked and left it to Facebook to keep me up to date with my favorite blogs. Now we all know that Facebook is terrible and only shows posts to 10% of the followers of a page, so I missed many of them, and I feel so ashamed. Supporting fellow bloggers by reading and commenting on their posts and developing community and relationships is one of my favorite things about blogging.

On the other hand, I grew very close to some Italian colleagues, ending up texting until ungodly hours (yes, Stefania, that’s you), as well as just keeping up with them, their lives and their blogs (Drama is one to follow for some excitement!). I somehow feel like I am part of a community even though I live an ocean away. The Italian beauty blogger community is one of amazing talented makeup artists and bloggers, as well as lots of drama and “teams”. Luckily from far away, I only get involved in the positive bits.

It’s not that I left the blog of course, you’ve seen many posts coming by, but when it came to really connecting with the blog and feeling passionate about it, it was only with the latest Nabla Goldust series that I was really passionate about writing. Even then, it was about sharing makeup looks and swatches, whereas in depth reviews were somehow lacking. Well, I recorded one that I am proud about for my channel today, so that’s a step forward!

Also, I find it increasingly difficult to put a review up on my Youtube channel and then write everything down again on the blog. I did it for my first Anti Haul, and you guys loved it, but then I did it in other occasions and felt like I was repeating myself. What do you prefer? Youtube only or all the same information typed down in the blog? Please let me know!

Well this post is child of a moment of craziness at midnight on a Saturday night, but it is also a reminder to myself (and you if you’ve been slacking) to pick back up those contacts you had, show some love to your fellow bloggers, drop a message or a comment when the post you read is good, instead of just thinking things in your head. I will do more of that, will you?

Thanks for indulging in my midnight reflections.



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