Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lips swatches and review

colourpop ultra blotted lips swatch review fail

Popsicle stained lips are the upcoming trend for the summer and Colourpop decided to propose their own version. I bought five of the eight shades available and today I want to share with you my Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lips swatches and more importantly my review.

Colourpop says (and I paraphrase): “the Ultra Blotted Lips are a lightweight transfer-proof formula that give a soft, just-diffused blotted look. They have medium coverage, dry matte, don’t budge and feel soft and comfy on the lips.”

So these are supposed to be a lighter version of the Ultra Mattes, with a more comfortable and sheer formula. Of course this promises to be right up my alley, especially since I fell in love with my Sephora Lip Oil Tint. I honestly expected them to be more of a stain, rather than a liquid lipstick, but I guess that is my bad for assuming this from the sneak peeks.

colourpop ultra blotted lips swatch review fail

Let’s move to my actual experience with the Ultra Blotted Lips. As I mentioned, I was ready to love them, convinced I would love them, but boy did I fall hard. These are a sheer light formula that dries down fast. The best way to apply them is to do so one lip at a time, making sure you achieve a smooth application on the first try. This is tricky because of the sheer pigmentation to start with, then it is made more difficult by how fast it dries.

If you’re unlucky and you get a streaky application and think to fix it by adding a second layer, that isn’t so easy either! A second layer doesn’t guarantee a uniform look on the lips unfortunately, but often results in a cracked layer. In the swatches on this post you see one layer and a second one applied only half way after the first layer had dried down.

colourpop ultra blotted lips review swatches cracking streaking

When it comes to wear, the Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lips felt very drying from the moment they set, but they felt like velvet to the touch, which is a nice effect. Unfortunately the lasting power was also very disappointing, with the Ultra Blotted Lips cracking and flaking off my lips within 2 hours. I tested each one of them and never made it out of the door because they would either feel too dry or start flaking on me.

colourpop ultra blotted lips swatches review fail

Overall, I cannot recommend these after the experience I had. I have heard other people had better luck but it varies so much person to person that if you want to try them, go with just one, instead of five like I did. I will not be keeping these because I really cannot use them at all. I prefer my Ultra Mattes to the Ultra Blotted Lips.

The Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lips retail for $6 on and are accompanied by the stick version, the Blotted Lips. I have not tried them because I have been burnt by these and I rather spend my money on the Lippie Stix which I have been loving lately.

What are your thoughts on my Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lips swatches? Have you tried these or are you interested to? What are your thoughts?



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