Nabla FreeDomination swatch and review

nabla freedomination swatches review dupes

Second week of July, like clockwork, Nabla released their Summer 2017 collection and we all went crazy for it. After all the heat from the winter Goldust collection, this summer release is all mermaids, unicorns and cool tones. In this post I share my thoughts on the collection as well as swatch comparisons of all the bits I purchased. Here’s Nabla Freedomination swatches and review.

Freedomination is a poem you wrote and which you are hearing for the first time

While the Earth slowly keeps on spinning

Listen to the sounds of your own freedom

nabla freedomination eyeshadow swatches

The tea on Nabla, discounts and shipping to the US

Of course I was ready with my wishlist in the middle of the night for the launch and had a bit of a set back due to the change in the launch discount which went from their usual 15% on the whole collection to 10% only on eye products, plus 50% off shipping. That meant I didn’t get to pick up the bronzer to stick with the budget I set myself. I placed my order, payed for expedited shipping, which was only €4.95. I was a bit disappointed with the shift in marketing strategy of the brand, especially with the heavy PR targeting to big international influencers. I could talk about this for a while, but I’ll save it for a video if you’re interested.

Regardless, I picked up one of the Diva Crime lipstick, the Shade & Glow highlighter in the collection and six of the eyeshadows. This would have also qualified me for a free limited edition Liberty 6 palette to house the six shadows. Instead, they claimed they cannot ship them to the US and never sent them to me. At this point I’m a bit more than disappointed. The big influencers get the palettes, the customers don’t? So I emailed customer service and politely asked for information. I was told that it was a patent issue and that they never sold the palettes in the US. Ever. Too bad that they did send me the palette in December when I ordered 6 shadows from the Goldust collection. And at this point I have decided that unless I can’t do without, I am not supporting the brand anymore. Unfortunately I do not agree with the way they treated me like I’m stupid and don’t know what is going on around me.

Nevertheless, here are my thoughts and swatches on the Nabla Freedomination collection, because I bought it, so I might as well.

nabla freedomination eyeshadow swatches

Nabla Freedomination eyeshadows

With Freedomination, Nabla introduced more purples and blues in their eyeshadow line, which many where feeling they missed. There are a total of 10 new eyeshadows, of which I got six, skipping Millennium, Lotus, Mystic, and Freestyler. These shades just didn’t meet my taste.

nabla on the road swatch ludwig voodoo goa

  • On the Road is a beautiful warm toned medium brown with a rose shimmer in a Satin finish, which doesn’t really show up on camera very well. This sets it apart from Ludwig from the Goldust collection, which instead has a copper shimmer on top that makes it much warmer. Do you need them both? No. Which one to get? Definitely On The Road. I think it is a much more wearable and more elegant shade. I especially recommend the satin finish for those who don’t want a loud foil/glitter/shimmer on the lid.
    I initially thought On The Road was the eyeshadow version of the Diva Crime lipstick in Goa (more on him later), also released with this collection due to the fact that both have a rose shimmer. However, as you can see in the swatch, the lipstick is much more red and less orange.

nabla alchemy swatch comparison

  • Alchemy is the best piece in the collection in my opinion. The finish is Celestial, with a sheer lilac base and lots of light blue glitter. This finish is best applied with your fingers and before the rest of your makeup because the shadows have a lot of fall out. You can wear it “loud” on top of another shadow, or in a much more wearable way if you just apply it to your skin toned primer. Thanks to the sheer base, you will only get a really luminous look without too much color.
    I compared Nabla Alchemy with Colourpop Bae Super Shock Shadow, Neve Cosmetics Mela Stregata and MAC Blue Brown. None of them resemble Alchemy for one reason or the other, it is definitely a unique shade.

nabla virgin island swatch freedomination

  • Virgin Island is another Celestial eyeshadow, with a sheer base and very strong turquoise and lilac glitter. From other swatches I saw online I was convinced it would be very similar to Makeup Geek Pegasus, or maybe closer to Colourpop Tiny Tangerines, but they’re not even close. The formula of Nabla’s Celestial shadows really makes them more of a top coat for a wet finish rather than a full on shadow. My swatches here are multiple layers to show you the colors, you can see single swipe swatches in my video. I don’t feel like you need this shadow if you get Alchemy because the effect is only slightly different. You can see Nabla Virgin Island in action here.

nabla new heaven swatch comparisons freedomination

  • New Heaven is another shade that totally surprised me. It is a light aqua blue in a Super Matte finish. This is the same finish as their last new matte releases Radikal and Paprika. The formula is incredibly velvety, smooth and finely milled. It packs on well with a flat brush and is less patchy than other similar colors. I was sure this would be a dupe for one of my light teal shades, but as you can see it has definitely less green and more white than Colourpop Muscle Beach and Makeup Geek Dragonfly. I have used this successfully as a base for both Alchemy and Virgin Island.

nabla eresia swatch comparisons freedomination

  • Eresia is another Super Matte shadow, a gorgeous warm toned medium plum. It is more vibrant than it’s cousin Nabla Mimesis, but quite similar to Makeup Geek Curfew. I personally prefer Eresia over Curfew when it comes to formula. You can see from the swatches how patchy Curfew is.

nabla blue velvet swatch comparisons freedomination

  • Blue Velvet is a smooth dark blue Super Matte eyeshadow. The color is very similar to Nabla Baltic, except the finish is different. Unfortunately this was a bit patchy when blended on the eye and you can already see it to some extent in the swatch. I do really like it packed on the eyelid as base for the Celestial shadows or smudged on the lower lash line.

nabla freedomination obsexed highlighter

Nabla Freedomination Obsexed highlighter

The only highlighter in the collection is BOMB! Well, it’s actually called Obsexed, but it’s also a bomb. The shade has a beautiful peachy base with a pink shift which makes it quite neutral and not too cold or warm. It is definitely unique in Nabla’s collection and you can see the difference with the other shades in the picture above.

nabla freedomination goa swatch

Nabla Freedomination Diva Crime Lipstick in Goa

There are four new Diva Crime lipstick shades in the Freedomination, three of which are very out there, either very bright or very grey. Goa instead is a gorgeous warm brown with a subtle rose metallic sheen to it. The base also contains enough red for it not to be a flat brown like MAC Antique Velvet. The metallic sheen is also very subtle and not in your face, which makes Goa a very elegant and wearable lipstick. The shade is very similar to Milani Matterialistic, but this is a very high shine metallic liquid lipstick, and difficult to wear even for a crazy lady like me.


So here were Nabla Freedomination swatches and review of the shades I purchased. As I mentioned in the video, I am not sure I’ll purchase big collection like this in bulk again because i was treated pretty badly by customer service.

What are your thoughts on the collection? Did you pick up any bits?



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