Smile brilliant at home Teeth Whitening system review and giveaway

teeth whitening before after giveaway

Since I started my Youtube channel, I have suddenly been aware and a bit concerned with the color of my teeth. I guess looking at my face while editing really made me self-conscious about the fact that my teeth aren’t really the whitest. So when I was asked to test and review the Smile Brilliant at home teeth whitening system, I was super excited to have this chance. 

smile brilliant before picture

Let’s start with my before pictures. I didn’t have particularly stained teeth since I don’t drink coffee or smoke. However my canines and teeth on the sides were visibly more yellow than my front teeth and that was what I went to try to correct. I started by applying the whitening gel to all of my teeth for about 4-5 applications and saw visible results in whitening all my teeth. After about the 5th application I felt that I had reached the color I wanted on my top front teeth so from then on I skipped applying the gel on my 4 front teeth to concentrate on making the smile more uniform. I had to take a day off after about 6 applications because my gums were feeling very sensitive and uncomfortable, but could resume the whitening the night after that without any discomfort. The results were exactly what I wanted. A natural but whiter smile!

smile brilliant teeth whitening after

And here are are my results. As I mention in the video, I am extremely happy with this and it was painless, easy to use and I can do it again in the future when I feel like I need it.

And the best part is that you have a chance to win a full Smile brilliant Whitening Kit for yourself! To enter the giveaway you must be a subscriber on my Youtube channel (Subscribe Here) and enter your name and email at this link. The giveaway is international.

Enter the giveaway here.

If you want to purchase a teeth whitening system yourself, you can save 10% using the code alicesbeautymadness at checkout.

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