Colourpop Yes Please palette swatches and comparisons

colourpop yes please palette swatch dupe comparison

The Colourpop Yes Please palette is the first pre-made palette Colourpop came out with and it was an absolute success. It sold out within 15 minutes both at launch and the following restocks and for good reason. The color choice, formula and compact packaging definitely make it on trend, affordable and a must have.

colourpop yes please palette swatch dupe comparisonsColourpop Yes, Please palette

First things first, this palette is tiny, and I actually love it! It’s so cute and tiny, I brought it with me on my four day trip to Austin last weekend. In the photo you can see the comparison of the Colourpop Yes Please palette with a regular Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow. The shadows is the palette are a bit smaller but as I said, it works out really well to get 12 shadows in a small packaging. Think about a Naked palette, or

The math:

The palette contains twelve shades, 0.85 grams of product each, for a total of 10.2 grams and retails for $16. So if you do some math, the price per gram comes out to be $1.57. The regular eyeshadows contain 1.5 grams of product (according to the website) and retail for $5, which comes out to be $3.33 per gram. So even if you take into consideration how much smaller the palette is, it’s still a great deal, since you pay half the price from the product you get.

colourpop yes please palette swatch dupes comparisons

The shades:

In the Colourpop Yes Please palette you get 10 new shade and 2 already present in Colourpop’s pressed powder eyeshadow. The shades Full Zip and Note To Self are available as singles in the regular 26 mm pan size, but I do not have them in my collection so I gave you other alternatives. Of the 10 new shades, some are completely new in the pressed formula, but there are similar colors in their Super Shock Shadows. This is the case with one of my favorite SSS the was released with the summer collection: Heat Wave. In the Yes Please palette you find the shade … which is almost a perfect pressed powder version of it.

As you can see from the swatches, some of the shades in the Colourpop Yes Please palette have dupes, other shades are more unique and some only have a SSS alternative. These latter are Muse, Have Wave and Heat, but I am sure there are more SSS that are similar to the shades in the palette. I just don’t own many because I find them inconvenient to store.

Colourpop Yes Please dupes:

  • Full Zip is one of the shades that are already available in Colourpop’s line. I do not own it but it is quite similar to Distressed from the iluvsarahii x Colourpop Chic-y palette, just a bit more yellow toned. Both are great matte shades to set eyeshadow primer and highlight the brow bone.
  • Big Cocktails is a bright orange that is very similar to Colourpop Cannonball pressed powder. You don’t need both in my opinion.
  • Champs is a very light peachy pink shade. I have nothing like it and the closest I could find is Colourpop Wait For It pressed powder, which is deeper though.
  • Bling is a gorgeous shimmery metallic coppery red. The closest shade is the SSS Muse, which is more pink though. Bling is more similar to Makeup Geek Roulette.
  • Louie is the pressed powder counterpart to the SSS Heat Wave, one of my favorite shades ever. It is a duochrome with a medium orange base with a gorgeous warm gold shimmer.
  • Buttercake was a difficult shade to dupe with my Colourpop shadows, but I got close enough with Hean n.825. They are both pale yellow shimmery shades. Hean is a polish brand that makes really affordable and great quality shadows, available at for those of you in Italy or Spain.
  • Spoiled is a beautiful medium red matte. More red than my beloved Criss Cross and perfect transition shade.
  • Gno is another matte, this time a muted orange. It is slightly more brown than Makeup Geek Morocco. This is my go to crease shade in the palette.
  • Mischief is a very bright matte yellow, all that Tiki isn’t. Mischief is pigmented and shows up bright and has less white pigment, making is easier to work with in general
  • Note to Self is a matte medium brown that is already present as a single pan in Colourpop’s collection. They definitely have a lot of very similar shades, as you can see how similar it is to Freckles from the iluvsarahii collection.
  • Chaffeur is a gorgeous warm yellow metallic shimmer, with a bit more orange than Heat SSS.
  • French Kiss is the deepening shade of the palette. It is a blackened reddish brow (so accurate in describing this, sorry). Noche from the iluvsarahii collection is more cool toned.

colourpop yes please palette swatches dupes comparisons

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