Feeling beautiful while working from home

feeling beautiful while working from home

Even if nobody sees you, does’t mean you can’t treat yourself to feel beautiful. With this in mind, in this post we are going over a beauty routine for the women who stay at home.

So life has been busy and I haven’t been around the blog a lot. I have been focusing on work and the Youtube channel the most, because honestly, it’s so much fun to talk.  If you’re curious what I’m up to, the best place is always Instagram.This return to the blog is due to two wonderful ladies with a really big heart and lots to say.

Let me introduce you to Ana (aka Minu) and her blog Tidimess. She is too smart for her own good, too kind for her own good and incredibly organized, for our own good. She has been catering a series towards those women who stay at home, for one reason or another, and could use a tip or two. This next post in her series is dedicated to Beauty and how to still feel good when you’re not getting ready to be in public every day.

Here we come in play, Laura and I, with our beauty blogs. Laura runs her blog Appunti di Makeup (Makeup Notes) with an eye to ecofriendly and organic makeup, the most smiling eyes and upbeat personality. She wrote about three products that will make you love yourself again. Check out her post here.

But let’s get to my part here. Once we moved to the US in September 2016 I was out of a physical job and had to go through a 4 month process to get a work permit before looking for a job. In total I stayed home for more than 8 months, working from home part time and taking care of the household. I can’t say it was easy, for many reasons, which Ana describes very well in her blog. Boredom, feeling useless, hopeless and lonely were the worst of it. There were many times I just wanted to book a flight back.

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However, I discovered that there are many ways to fight these feelings and one of them is actually taking care of yourself. You’re not going out every day, getting ready, doing your makeup, so it’s quite easy to fall into a spiral of letting yourself go and end up feeling disgusting (I speak from personal experience).

So my personal recommendation is to keep taking care of yourself, starting with your skincare. You don’t need to wear makeup to feel beautiful. Just do something good for your skin and it will repay you with a glow you can’t face with makeup.

My personal experience comes from having oily and impure skin. If left on its own, my pores get bigger as more dirt builds up, I look like a shiny mess. Not pretty. However, the rewards I got for getting back on a skincare routine were wonderful.

fall skincare edit routineI wrote an introduction post to my Fall makeup routine last year, which I link here, where I explain the products and steps I used. Since then I updated it for Spring and Summer and shared it in this video here. The best part of staying at home is the time. Time that then seems never-ending and that you miss when going back to work in the outside world. So taking time for your skincare routine isn’t a luxury when you’re at home, but a treat that you give to your skin and yourself. Think of a face mask every other day, while you sip your afternoon tea.

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I think my point is that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and that we only miss things once we don’t have them anymore. So take the time you have too much of, use it to pamper and take care of yourself.

Have you ever had to pick yourself up from having too much time and feel bored? How do you pamper yourself then?

Don’t forget to check out Ana’s post on Tidimess and Laura’s post on Appunti di Makeup.




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