Makeup Collection Declutter + Giveaway + Blog Sale

Makeup Collection Declutter + Giveaway + Blog Sale

As I mentioned in my Project Pan post, I am in the process of moving at the end of the year and part of it is reducing the size of my makeup collection to those products I really love and use. I thought it would be fun to bring you with me through my makeup collection declutter. 

I find decluttering quite difficult, as I spent money on the products and I don’t want to get rid of products, so I am separating out products that are still new and unused, from other products that are gently used and those which are just old.

New products are added to the running giveaway to make a prize full of skincare and makeup. You can enter this giveaway here. Products that have been gently used are for sale on the Blog Sale page of the blog, which you can find here. Old products are just going in the trash, nobody should use them anymore lol.

More declutter videos are coming in the following weeks, as i go though my collection section by section. I am dreading the eyeshadows and lip products, they really are my weakness.

For this video, I decluttered my base products, including primers, foundations, concealers, powders and fixing sprays. I got rid of about a third of all the products, so it isn’t stellar progress but it is still some progress. I have a maybe pile I am going through in the next few weeks to understand if I want to keep them or not.

Have you ever decluttered your collection? Do you have any tips?




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