Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette dupes


Ah, new palette releases are the toughest times for me (my wallet actually). When Norvina announced the launch of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette, my heart skipped a beat, my palms got sweaty, all the symptoms. I own all the current permanent palettes by Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance, Subculture, Prism, Soft Glam, so naturally I wanted to pick up the Norvina palette to complete my collection. Then I went to instagram stories to ask you guys, and my brilliant friend CynthiaIsKillikill took the ham off my eyes (it’s an Italian saying, everything looks better through prosciutto). So I dove into my eyeshadow collection looking for shades that would be Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette dupes and went off to wear purple eyeshadow for a few days. It was a process, it was a revelation, read on for what came out.

Let’s start with the information I had at the time, which was before PR had gone out, before there were many swatches online. In this post Norvina explained the shades, the motivation for the palette and showed the palette for the first time. She showed the first swatches (on her leg?!) and the Anastasia Beverly Hills instagram posted the official swatch photos, so that’s what I went off of.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette dupes

“The palette has 7 mattes and 7 shimmers which is a first for ABH, we generally do less shimmers. I need shimmer in my life because of my big lids, but I also use shimmer along my lash line.” – Norvina

First row: shimmer shadows

  • Dreamer – neutral champagne, I chose Makeup Geek In The Spotlight or Starry Eyed
  • Summer – universal gold, not too yellow. I picked the shades Colourpop 20 Something (that I just hauled here) and the classic, Makeup Geek Magic Act, which is slightly cooler and lighter.
  • Wild Child – Norvina said it needs to be swatched as this duo-chrome shadow has so many dimensional pearls it will pick up different tones in the light. To me it looked like a peach with a cool pink flip, so I picked Makeup Geek Mai Tai and Colourpop Sauvage, which are perfect color dupe for each other (but the MUG shadow has much better payoff).
  • Rose Gold – described as cool toned rose gold, it looks very close to Colourpop Moscow Sunrise, but my favorite cooler rose gold is hands down Makeup Geek Grandstand.
  • Celestial – is a combination of pearls all resulting in this cool tone violet. From my collection I chose Nabla Cattleya, which is being discontinued and has to be applied wet, but is the most gorgeous violet ever. Other option is Makeup Geek Masquerade.
  • Dazzling – is described as cool toned bronze, but that’s not what it looks like in the swatches. I decided to pick Colourpop Dragonfly as it is truly cool toned.
  • Drama – is a deep aubergine or deep violet shimmer (will pick up warmth or coolness depending on skin tone) with a black base. Makeup Geek Drama Queen also has a black base with a purple shimmer, even though it may be a tad cooler than the ABH shade. In hindsight Neve Cosmetics Chimera could be an option.


Second row: matte shadows

  • Base: neutral eggshell, you can pick any light matte shadow, but my pick always goes to Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean, as it’s the only eyeshadow I ever finished.
  • Incense – is a mid tone taupe and I chose Colourpop So Chic.
  • Soul – is a matte deep periwinkle. The ideal dupe is probably a mix between Makeup Geek Fairytale, which is matte and a bit grey, and Makeup Geek Chit Chat, a true periwinkle shimmer.
  • Love – is described as a cool matte pink, but looks quite coral in the swatches, so I picked Colourpop Flower Boy, which is very bright, and Makeup Geek Tuscan Sun which is a bit softer.
  • Volatile – is described as a violet-grey but looks much more brown-taupe in the swatches so I picked Makeup Geek Taupe Notch, which has a satin finish but is truly cool toned.
  • Eccentric – is a dark squash, or really yellow brick color. Not that innovative I’d say, and Makeup Geek Early Bird seems like a perfect dupe.
  • Passion – is a deep plum and I chose Devinah Cosmetics Nemesis or Colourpop Razy as alternatives.

abh norvina palette dupes

So after all I found close alternatives or actual Norvina palette dupes in my collection and I am officially cured from the fever and FOMO, so I will not be picking up the palette. I hope this post helped you think of shades in your collection that you could use instead of buying a new palette, or realize that you just need it!

If you want to hear me blab about this a bit longer and hear what purples I actually would have wanted to see in this palette, check out the Youtube video on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette dupes.




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