Makeup Geek damaged eyeshadow sale haul

makeup geek damaged eyeshadows review haul

I got many questions on the Makeup Geek damaged eyeshadow, and since I just made a few orders, let’s talk about them. Makeup Geek has been periodically releasing damaged stock on their website at a heavy discount, usually 50% off. I have been purchasing from these sales since the beginning because I have only had the best experience. The latest damaged sale was at the beginning of July and I got my hands on lots of shades I was missing in my Makeup Geek collection.

How damaged are the Makeup Geek damaged eyeshadows?

First let’s answer the most obvious question. How damaged are these eyeshadows? The answer is, on average, very little. There might be some small marks or dents in the shadow, or practically invisible faults. However, due to the soft nature of the Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadows, these are usually slightly more damaged. As you can see in the photos, this last order had a casualty with the foiled shade Caitlin Rose arriving shattered to me. Now I cannot pinpoint whether this happened during shipping or it is the way the shadow left the warehouse, since I also ordered two more foiled shadows that have damage. Luckily the foiled eyeshadows are also extremely easy to re-press so the broken shade is already in great shape again.

makeup geek damaged eyeshadows review haul

So as you can see the Makeup Geek damaged eyeshadow sale is a great moment to stock up on shadows for half the price. During the sale you will not find all the shades in their lines as it really depends on what batches got damaged of course. In the past year, since they’ve started doing this, I have picked up a few shades here and there but this last one was definitely the biggest sale they have had. Also keep in mind that there are not many units available, which means they sell out quite quickly.

makeup geek damaged eyeshadows review haul

 makeup geek damaged eyeshadows review haul

Buying Makeup Geek from America: shipping, customs, costs

Now to the elephant in the room: “Alice, you live in Europe and buy makeup from the US, do you pay customs?” Of course I do. However, Makeup Geek has some of the lowest shipping costs among american makeup retailers, with an eyeshadow shipment coming to around $6. The import taxes in The Netherlands (similarly in the rest of Europe too), these consist of €13 administrative costs plus VAT (or BTW, IVA, added value tax) which is 21%. You have to pay these import/customs costs for any purchase with value over €22, excluding shipping. To quickly calculate how much the total customs cost will be for your purchase you can check this calculator for The Netherlands.

During the Makeup Geek damaged eyeshadow sale, I placed two orders of $27 which put the value right under the €22 mark, and I avoided paying customs at all. The shipping costs were $6 per package, which was less than just the administrative costs. Therefore this was the most affordable strategy to buy makeup from the US this time. Keep in mind that this is possible only because shipping is so cheap. For example when ordering from Colourpop, this strategy doesn’t apply because their international shipping is a flat rate of $10.

In conclusion, I definitely recommend checking out the Makeup Geek damaged eyeshadow sales as you can get great quality eyeshadows for half the price, with minimal cosmetic damage. Did you know about this Makeup Geek sale?



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