Zoeva Cafe palette review and swatches

zoeva cafe palette review swatches

Do you know the feeling when there is that one shade you think makes a palette totally worth it? Do you know that voice in your head saying “it’s only 20€, get it!”. Well that’s how I ended up buying the Zoeva Café palette: low price tag and a lime green shade. So since I bought it and used it, how about writing a review and showing you some swatches. I thought it was the perfect content to go up on the blog, separately from Youtube, so let’s get into the Zoeva Cafe palette review and swatches.

zoeva cafe palette review swatches makeup look

As aromatic and rich as an intoxicating shot of freshly-brewed espresso, the ZOEVA Café Eyeshadow Palette offers an exquisite assortment of luscious coffee-toned shades. Inspired by the warm and exhilarating atmosphere of a busy coffeehouse, the palette brews together an inviting selection of eyeshadow shades. From warm, tan-colored foam hues and sumptuous java tones to the shimmery green of coffee cherries, topped with a rich touch of mocha, the palette brings to life the joy of a delicious sip of warm coffee and the intimate feel of lingering comfortably inside a traditional Café. Indulge in the creamy-smooth nuances and create classic makeup looks that make time stand still.

Zoeva Cafe palette swatches

I swatched all the shades in the Zoeva Cafe palette using my fingers and applied the Wet n Wild Photofocus primer only to the bottom half of my forearm. These are built up swatches to show you the colors, but you can check further down for my review and one-swipe swatches.

zoeva cafe palette review swatches makeup look

  • Microfoam “freshly steamed milky beige” – the base shade to set your primer, it has a slight yellow undertone and it’s slightly dark for me to highlight the browbone.
  • Distinct Experience “shimmery rock candy rosé” – a bright shimmery light pink with a punch of foiled payoff. Love!
  • No Added Spice “spicy matcha latte green” – THE shade that made me buy the palette, the shade that broke my heart. It’s just ok, but I wanted foiled magic. You have to apply it wet to get any proper shine.
  • Tasting Note “sumptuous coffee cherry mauve”– bautiful and buttery crease shade, very versatile.
  • Herrengasse “signature blend, cold brew greenish brown” – a swampy green-brown that looses the green quite quickly when on the eye but nice to deepen the crease. I feel it is not dark enough as the darkest shade but works well.

zoeva cafe palette review swatches makeup look

  • Nuanced History “creamy chai tea latte nude” – a great transition shade, pinky but not cool toned.
  • Micro Roasting “flavorfully roasted, shimmry copper” – a sad disappointed as it is more of a satin shade that needs packing on. I used it in the second look on my lid but you really can’t see it.
  • Cup of Joy “full-bodies, rich espresso brown”– this has a rosy undertone to it that makes it a unique brown that fits well with the vibe of the palette.
  • Talk, Write, Read “lingering, sparkling plum” – another sad disappointment with little payoff and almost no shimmer.
  • Shine Bright “intensely rich, deep coffee leaf green” – same as above *sheds a tear* .

Zoeva Cafe palette review

zoeva cafe palette review swatches makeup look
Zoeva Cafe palette makeup look 1: I used Microfoam to set the primer, Nuanced History and Tasting Note in the crease and lower lash line, Talk, Write, Read in the outer corner, No Added Spice on the lid.

So as you read in the shade descriptions above, I had issues with this palette. The mattes are beautiful, blendable, soft but not powdery, I love them. But the shimmers, oh the shimmers are an issue. Starting with the lime green, I wanted a punch of foiled goodness, similar to Makeup Geek Limelight, but it was just ok and to achieve the right intensity on my lid.

I wanted to show you the payoff when you try to swatch these shades, so I hope the following two photos help.

zoeva cafe palette review swatches makeup look
Zoeva Cafe palette shimmer shadow swatches: I swirled my fingers in the shimmery shades as I would usually do for a swatch and you see that the payoff is good on the two greens whereas the other two shades really don’t come off pigmented at all.
zoeva cafe palette review swatches makeup look
Zoeva Cafe palette shimmer shadow swatches: I went to directly swatch the shades from the previous photo on my clean and dry arm (no primer). The only shade that actually transferred was the lime green, the others performed really poorly. This is also the effect I obtain on my eyes unfortunately.
zoeva cafe palette review swatches makeup look
Zoeva Cafe palette makeup look 2: I used Microfoam to set the primer, Nuanced Hiastory as transition, Tasting Note in the crease, Micro Roast on the lid (where is the shimmer?) , Cup of Joy on the outer corner, No Added Spice in the inner corner.

So overall I am extremely torn by the Zoeva Cafe palette. I love the color scheme and the matte shades, but so disappointed with the shimmers. I could still make the green work with a lot of Fix+ and packing on, but it’s left a bitter taste in my mouth. I wished the shades all perform amazingly, and I am sure that Zoeva can make good shimmers from the shimmery pink and the shades in the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette.

Now, if you like more subdued makeup or if you have mature or textured eyelids this would work as a formula, but not with that green shade in there. So I am confused and I would not recommend picking up this palette. I like the looks I created with it so I might depot the shades I like and put them in my single eyeshadow collection.

Did you try any Zoeva palette and what was your experience? Do you think I just got a dud?



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