Mulac Brave Collection swatches and review

mulac brave collection swatches

The launch of the new Mulac Brave Collection on July 25th 2018 did not go down very well with very slow processing times and a lot of customers receiving broken palettes. I am one of them. I went off on a rant about what happened on my Youtube channel, but here I want to let the drama aside and just focus on the Mulac Brave Collection swatches and review.

Mulac Brave Collection swatches – Bella Vita eyeshadow palette

mulac brave collection swatches bella vita palette swatch

The Mulac Bella Vita eyeshadow palette in the fourth in this format for Mulac Cosmetics. It comes with 9 shades, of which 2 are matte, 2 are pressed glitters and 5 are shimmers. 

mulac brave collection swatches bella vita palette swatch

These swatches are taken with the top half of my arm bare and the bottom half with a thin layer of Wet N Wild Photofocus Primer for the regular shadows and Neve Cosmetics Rugiada per Makeup for the glitters. These are built up swatches to give you an idea of the colors. You can see how these apply on the eyes in my video.

mulac brave collection swatches bella vita palette swatch

Mulac Bella Vita palette review

My favorite shades in the palette are definitely the two glitters and the two mattes. The one shade that surprised me is Kaki Bronze, which looks so “boring” in the pan but on the eye it is a beautiful bronze that leans towards olive green. 

Overall the shimmers are quite disappointing and need to be applied wet to have a full payout. The worst of them being the first shade, Your Vibe, which is very chunky and has very light glitter particles flying around when you try to pick it up with a brush. 

I think the color story is a bit limited by only two matte shades. However, you can get a few very cool looks with this palette. I have posted some of them on my Instagram page, with and without the glitter. It is also refreshing that you can create cool toned looks with this palette by using the greens only.

Mulac Brave Collection swatches – Fiesta Cheek face palette

mulac brave collection swatches mulac fiesta cheek swatch
Mulac Fiesta Cheek palette swatches. From top to bottom Empire, Macho, W La Fiesta, Warmer

The Fiesta Cheek palette is the greatest bit of this collection in my opinion. It contains a warm matte bronzer called Warmer, which isn’t orange but gives back some warmth to your face, because (color theory teaches that) having a tan actually adds grey tones to your skin. The blush W La Fiesta is a shimmery pinky coral with a strong golden shimmer, which really gives you a beautiful glow. 

mulac brave collection swatches mulac fiesta cheek swatch
Mulac Fiesta Cheek palette swatches. From top to bottom Empire, Macho, W La Fiesta

The two highlighters have different formulas, with Macho being more gold and peachy and warm, and smoother. Empire is the scary lime shade that you wouldn’t think of wearing, but it is actually quite wearable, coming out to be a pale cool toned gold. It has a white base that for my tanned skin shows up a bit too much, resulting in visible white stripes on my cheekbones when I look straight ahead. The texture of Empire is also a bit chunkier than Macho and it reminds me a bit of Nabla Angel but with a bit less glitter.


I apologize for not having photos of the palettes themselves, but as I still haven’t received my replacements after a month. Overall, I don’t think you NEED these palettes. The Fiesta Cheeks palette is a great palette for summer cheeks, but you couldn’t travel with it because it would crumble and break. However, it is definitely my favorite of the two. 

The Bella Vita palette is a good companion palette, with pretty glitters, but the shimmers are meh and by itself it is quite limited by having only two mattes. 

The price is not small, with both palettes costing around 35€, I don’t think you get the bang for your buck, but I don’t hate the palettes, I am just not over the moon. 

I hope you enjoyed my Mulac Brave Collection swatches and review. Have you ever tried anything from Mulac Cosmetics? 



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