Urban Decay Born to Run dupes

urban decay born to run dupes palette swatches

Here we are with another dupes post. I somehow like to do these on the blog rather than Youtube. As always I really appreciate your input as I struggle to find a semblance of balance between content on the blog, Youtube and Instagram. But coming to the point of this post, I am here to bring you some Urban Decay Born to Run dupes.

The palette had a few hiccups for me, as I mention in my Urban Decay Born to Run palette review on Youtube, so I thought of finding dupes in my collection. The color scheme was really attractive to me and I was just sad I didn’t reach for the palette as much as I thought I would. Anyway, for my full thoughts on the palette, swatches and a makeup tutorial go check out the video on my channel. Let’s get into the dupes.

Urban Decay Born to Run dupes

I have to say there are a few shades in the Urban Decay Born to Run palette that were really hard to find dupes for as you might have witnessed on Instagram stories. I guess this plays in favor of the Born to Run palette, or in favor of me buying more single shadows (ghghghgh). The shades that were hardest to dupe are of course the most striking and unique ones like Drift, Radio and Big Sky, as well as two of the more disappointing ones, Wildheart and Guilt Trip. I have found some alternatives for them but not exact dupes.

When I was looking thought my other palettes to find dupes, I noticed that there are a lot of similar shades between the Urban Decay Born to Run palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism palette.

urban decay born to run dupes abh prism palette dupes

Albeit the shades not being 100% dupes, and Prism have that crazy neon yellow, you can get a similar vibe from it. 

So here you have it, some Urban Decay Born to Run dupes for you if you like a few shades and don’t want to pick up the whole palette. Especially since I can’t wholeheartedly recommend it if we have any similar taste in makeup. 

Did you get the palette or will you get some of the dupes?



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