Lethal Cosmetics eyeshadows swatches

Lethal Cosmetics eyeshadows swatches review

I have no self-control when it comes to single eyeshadows and customizable palettes. I live life with a “gotta catch ’em all” attitude. So when I saw my talented friend Cynthiaiskillikill use a bright neon green shadow in her inner corner (this look) and found out it was from an indie brand based in Europe, I have been hooked. That’s when my obsession for Lethal Cosmetics eyeshadows started.

Lethal Cosmetics is a Berlin-based indie cosmetic brand who started making cruelty-free and vegan makeup in 2016. Their line consist of liquid lipsticks and eyeshadows in alternative, interesting and inspiring shades. Their brand caught my eye both for the goth aesthetic and creative shade names, but especially the bright colors.

During the last Black Friday sale Lethal Cosmetics released their new Hive Collection and I placed an order to try their eyeshadow formula. Their products are available for sale on their website lethalcosmetics.com and they offer free shipping over €65, otherwise shipping costs are €6,55 in Europe.

Lethal Cosmetics eyeshadows

Lethal Cosmetics eyeshadows contain 1.7 grams of product, are vegan, cruelty free and have a 24 month shelf life. They are square and have the brand’s logo pressed in them. The outer sleeves are very innovative as they consist of two components, including a magnified cardboard inner piece.

Lethal Cosmetics also offers empty magnetic palettes that fit 12 of their eyeshadows. You can purchase them for €12 or they come as a gift when purchasing 12 eyeshadow pans.

Now enough with all the technicalities, let’s get into the Lethal Cosmetics eyeshadow swatches!

Lethal Cosmetics eyeshadows swatches

lethal cosmetics eyeshadows swatches review
  • Remission: bright peach ultra matte, works well as transition eyeshadow as well as blush.
  • Spawn: burnt orange matte, a very trendy warm shade.
  • Franctic: ultra matte oxblood. Quite unique shade in my collection with its deep warm undertone.
  • Unity: ultra matte grape, gorgeous but slightly harder to work with, as I would expect by a vegan purple matte shade.
  • Aether: blackened teal with bright green highlights and metallic finish. This shade stole my heart, and I absolutely recommend it to those who love teal eyeshadows.
  • Equilibrium: petrol blue metallic from the Hive collection. A beautiful blue that is very wearable, especially paired with warm shades in the crease.
  • Spirit: ultra violet metallic, a stand out shade with purple to blue reflects.
lethal cosmetics eyeshadow swatches review

Lethal Cosmetics Hive Collection swatches

The most recent launch is the Lethal Cosmeitcs Hive collcection, which consist of 12 eyeshadows divided in 2 smaller bundles, a magnetic palette, and 3 liquid lipsticks. I purchased one of the smaller bundles of the Hive coleection: the Entomology collection.

  • Ephemeral: cream matte, slightly darker than my skintone an a great first transition shade.
  • Habitat: moss green matte, medium shade that blends well and has a good pigmentation.
  • Vertex: lime green metallic, this is the gem of the collection for it’s uniqueness and brightness.
  • Recluse: olive green matte, is lighter and more yellow toned than I expected. It is a bit sheerer and less pigmented than the other shadows of the brand and needs a bit of effort in blending. Not a fail but not amazing either.
  • Symbiosis: intense brass metallic, incredibly shiny and pigmented. A real gem.
  • Nocturnal: charred wood matte, neutral dark brown. It is a good staple shade to deepen any look. It is very pigmented.
lethal cosmetics eyeshadow swatches review

Lethal Cosmetics eyeshadow review

As you might have deduced from the rest of this post, I am quite a fan of these eyeshadows. The metallic shades are especially performing, showing up very pigmented applied with a dry brush. I have to say it’s refreshing in this age of “better applied with our fingers” eyeshadows.

The matte eyeshadows are mostly good, blendable and fairly pigmented. I particularly enjoy Habitat, as good greens are hard to come by. Which brings me also to my least favorite of the ones I have, Recluse. Unity and Nocturnal are a little bit patchy and are better applied focusing on the spot you want them and then blend very gently the edges.

Overall I would definitely recommend the Lethal Cosmetics eyeshadows to those looking for fun and alternative colors, and their metallics are out of this world. I would, however, get my staple mattes from Makeup Geek or Colourpop.

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