New Colourpop eyeshadows 2019


New month, new eyeshadow swatches! You know I couldn’t resist a good old BYOP (build your own palette) sale, especially when it coincides with the launch of 24 new Colourpop eyeshadows. After wearing them for a few weeks, here is my review and swatches. Check out the accompanying Youtube video to see comparisons with other Colourop eyeshadows.

Warm toned new Colourpop eyeshadows

Take a flight: matte light true yellow. This is the yellowest yellow fo Colourpop eyeshadows. You will need to build it up, but it is a good eyeshadow. If you can afford it though, I still recommend Sugarpill.
Karat cake: bright foiled yellow gold. A gorgeous formula for a gorgeous shade.
Baby lights: sheer duochrome shimmer eyeshadow. This Colourpop eyeshadow has a caramel base with a green gold shift. It is not very opaque, which makes it difficult to recommend.
Crackle: a burnt orange foiled dream. A very unique shade with beautiful luminosity. Definitely a favorite!
Martian: a terracotta matte eyeshadow with gold microglitter that disappears upon application. I still wonder why Colourpop even bothers adding microglitters to matte eyeshadows.
Thank you, Next: a gorgeous duochrome (or almost multichrome) glittery shadow that shifts from orange to pink. It reminds me of the similar shade in the Too Faced Gingerbread Spice palette. The formula is very volatile and flaky so apply it wet over a glitter glue to prevent fall out and get the full impact. It is an improved version of the discontinued shade Heavy Glam. It differs from traditional duochromes because instead of having a base with a shift, this eyeshadow has a blend of shimmery micas that change color depending on the light angle.
Meteorite: matte orangey red in Colourpopo’s signature pressed pigment formula. It is very pigmented, blends well and a great affordable bright pop of color.
Over It: shimmery duochrome with a pink base and warm gold shift. This is very similar to Makeup Geek Cosmopolitan.

Green and blue new Colourpop eyeshadows

On a whimsy: molten silver in a soft foiled finish. Looks very luminous and applies like a cream.
Heavenly: glittery flaky formula for a muted minty light blue. I do not like this formula because it gets everywhere. Use a glitter glue and wet brush to apply it.
Superzoom: dark teal with a satin formula. You will need to build it up and do not expect a metallic finish, but the tone is gorgeous.
Conjour up: matte medium forest green that leans on the teal side. This means that depending on the colors you pair it with, it will look more green or more teal. It is lighter than Coloured Raine Squad. The formula is a bit drier but it blends well and is pigmented so no complaints here.
Wishful Winking: metallic duochrome with a dark brown base and forest green shift. It is not similar to MAC Blue Brown or MUG Insomnia, which have a much warmer and redder base with a mint shift.
Antimatter: glittery eyeshadow with a dark almost black base and multichrome glitter tht shifts from teal to blue to purple. I feel that this shadow was a bit of a miss in execution as the shift isn’t very visible, as we are used to seeing from other indie brands. On the eye it shows as a dark base with electric blue glitter. Sill pretty but a missed opportunity.
Quantum Sleep: shimmery electric blue. This formula needs to be built up and isn’t the most impactful. I would recommend Nabla Eternity over this shade.
Night Dream: matte black with multi color microglitter. This glitter shows up more than in other shades. However, you will get a better effect if you use a matte black and a glitter topper over it. This is a miss for me as I can’t see myself using it.

Pink and Purple new Colourpop eyeshadows

Earthshine:a pale pink shimmery eyeshadow with light blue microglitter. It is very ethereal and pretty.
Misty: a metallic pinky rose gold with a pink shift and a hint of blue. The formula is a bit chunky but it is worth the impact this Colourpop eyeshadow delivers.
Mr. Sandman: incredible metallic duochrome with a warm hazelnut base and blue and pink glitter. It is a very complex shade that looks good in warm and cool toned looks. I absolutely adore this new Colourpop eyeshadow.
Neutrino: shimmery warm purple with a a cool purple shift. Another eyeshadow with this “sticky” formula that needs to be built up (like Quantum Sleep, Superzoom and Crackle). I refer it as “sticky” because it doesn’t transfer well from your finger or brush to the eye, but when it does it looks amazing.
Try Me: matte medium purple. Difficult formula which is a bit patchy, but to be expected from a matte purple.
Sleeper: matte desaturated plum. Similarly as the previous shade, a bit patchy but workable.
Paradiso: shimmery medium plum in the “sticky” formula (see above). This shade is unique and gorgeous.
Solstice with the Mostest: bright fuchsia with light blue glitter shimmer eyeshadow. The formula isn’t very impactful and you can barely see the microglitter. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really really want a fuchsia shadow.

New Colourpop eyeshadow recommendations

If I could go back in time knowing what I know now, which of the new Colourpop eyeshadows would I buy? Here’s the A-list for this 24 eyeshadow release: Karat cake, Crackle, Thank You, Next, Mr. Sandman, Sleeper, Paradiso, On a Whimsy, Superzoom, Conjour Up, Wishful Winking.

So here we go, this was my mastodontic review and swatch post of the 24 new Colourpop eyeshadows. I hope it will help you pick the shades that best work for you. You can always catch more Colourpop eyeshadow swatches in previous posts here.

You can find some comparison swatches of the new Colourpop eyeshadows with older single shadows in the video on my Youtube channel!

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