Nabla Matte Lipsticks Swatches and Review

nabla lipstick swatches

Did I need new lipsticks, probably not, but I have a weakness for Nabla Cosmetics. Nabla released 16 new lipsticks in The Matte Lip Collection, with 3 new finishes to replace some of their older Diva Crime lipsticks and add new shades. I was not a big fan of their old lipstick formula as two of the ones I tried (Kernel and Cosmic Dancer) felt like slug slime on the lips. The new formulas are nothing like the that thankfully. I decided to purchase one lipstick per finish, and luckily the shades I wanted were in a discounted bundle called Spicy Bundle, 4 lipsticks for the price of 3. Let’s take a look at the new Nabla Cult Matte lipsticks.

Nabla Soft Touch lipstick Allusive

nabla allusive swatch

Nabla Allusive is a medium rosy-red nude in the soft touch finish. This was a total surprise when it came to color and formula. The formula is not your traditional matte, but rather closer to the MAC Powder Kiss formula. However, the Nabla Soft Touch lipsticks are slightly heavier than the MAC, as if the layer on your lips is a bit thicker, and therefore also the pigmentation is higher in one swipe. The lasting power is great for such a formula, but it won’t last though an all-you-can-eat ribs outing.

Colour-wise, Nabla Allusive is the most gorgeous nude on my skin tone, and it is a great companion for those dark smokey eyes like the look below. If you’re curious, there is a tutorial for this look on my Youtube channel here.

nabla allusive swatch comparison

Here are a few comparisons with similar nude lipsticks I own.

Nabla Bounce Matte lipstick Nolita

nabla nolita

Yes I know, it’s another terracotta lipstick, Alice, don’t you have enough? Never! This bright warm terracotta is the spirit of fall, but you might have something similar already. Just check the lineup down here! Nabla Nolita comes in their new Bounce Matte finish, which is their intermediate matte finish. It is closer to a classic matte lipstick, think MAC matte lipsticks. They are not creamy, but don’t come close to liquid lipsticks for dryness. The lasting power is great and they’re easy to re-apply.

nabla nolita swatch comparison

Nabla Super Matte lipstick Platonic Love

nabla platonic love swatch

Nabla Platonic Love is a difficult shade to describe. The brand calls it a “rich cool-toned brick red”, but it is so unique that I had to have it. The Super matte formula is their driest formula yet, and it is very hard to apply precisely, because it’s very dry and I recommend using a lip brush. The texture reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills matte lipsticks, Mulac lipsticks or MAC Retro Mattes. Nevertheless, the color is gorgeous and my lips don’t feel particularly dry when wearing Platonic Love.

nabla platonic love swatch

As you can see from the comparison swatches, I don’t have anything quite like Platonic Love. It is also quite difficult to photograph, as it has a bit of pink and red, and my camera goes a bit nuts on it.

  • Wet n Wild cinnamon spice is darker and warmer;
  • Lime Crime Varsity is lighter;
  • Colourpop Goal Digger is more grey, more pink, and lighter;
  • MAC D for Danger is cooler, berry, less red, more vibrant.

Nabla Bounce Matte lipstick Criminal Babe

nabla criminal babe swatch

The last lipstick in the set is Nabla Criminal Babe, which is a bounce matte lipstick. It is an intense burgundy shade, but thanks to swatches from my blogger friends, I know that it is really similar to MAC Diva, so I didn’t even swatch it because I’m not keeping it.

Nabla Matte Lip collection conclusions

The Nabla Matte Collection lipsticks retail for around €14 and you can find them on, BeautyBay, and your local retailers (Boozyshop and Beauty88 in NL). The bundles of 4 lipsticks like mine are available only on Nabla’s website and retail for €41.70, so you pretty much get one lipstick for free.

Overall I am very happy with the lipsticks I bought and can recommend them all. I would not however, buy any other Super Matte, as the texture is too dry for me and the colors are not unique enough. All except Platonic Love, that one is a special diamond.

I hope this review helped, and let me know if you have any other question!



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