Makeup Geek 2020 rebrand

It’s finally here! The long awaited Makeup Geek rebrand has landed and is available on starting January 2020. The rebrand consists of the re-thinking and re-formulating of Makeup Geek’s single eyeshadows. Before I get into the details, don’t forget to use the affiliate code ALICESBEAUTYMADNESS to save 10% on your order. In this post you will find all the information about the Makeup Geek rebrand, whereas you can watch the full review and swatches on my Youtube channel and see the swatches of neutral and colorful matrix palettes on the blog.

The Makeup Geek matrix system

The Matrix System provides a full spectrum of colors for eyes and face that creates literally hundreds of palettes. You can be eco conscious by using the same pans & reconfiguring to create any color story.

As Marlena, founder of Makeup Geek, explains in her Tweet above, the idea behind the rebrand was to create a system of single shadows that can be your staples, those shadows you hit pan on and finish. I have a few of those from their original round pans too. Oh yes, the shape of the pan: it is square with rounded edges.

source: Makeup Geek instagram

I was initially annoyed at the square pans, since I spent my whole “makeup life” collecting the Makeup Geek round single eyeshadows. However I do find it to be a bold move and can respect that.

Marlena explained that the switch was needed in their vision for a “Life Palette” that includes both face powders and eyeshadows. They couldn’t fit them all in a space-effective way with round pans, so switched to squares. One complaint I have and heard from others is that the shadows don’t fit perfectly in the already existing 9 or 28 pan vaults. Unfortunately there is a 0.5 cm gap on two sides.

New Makeup Geek eyeshadows

The Makeup Geek rebrand meant the launch of 49 matte eyeshadows, 1 shimmer and 10 foiled eyeshadows. The new eyeshadows have been re-formulated in the same lab, and they took the opportunity to “clean up the formula” and remove ingredients like bismuth oxichloride that had been flagged by some customers as potential allergen (source: Marlena’s live in Instagram).

In this new set of sqaure eyeshadows we find both new and old shades. Marlena explained that she took their best sellers and created color gradients around them, to have a complete matrix.

In this visual you can see 56 of the rebranded eyeshadows that fit in two of their Mega Vault palettes. Additionally you can order Peach Smoothie (og, matte), Flame Thrower (og, foiled) , Grandstand (og, foiled) and Mystical (new, foiled) individually on the site as well.


The price of the rebranded Makeup Geek eyeshadows has been reduced from $6 to $5.49 for the signature eyeshadows (mattes and regular shimmers), and from $9.99 to $7.49 for the foiled eyeshadows.

Makeup Geek also offers pre-made bundles which include 4- or 9-eyeshadow palettes in color stories created by Marlena. These are discounted at $14.99 and $32.99 respectively.

Influencer affiliate codes can be stacked on all these, so you can use my Makeup Geek code ALICESBEAUTYMADNESS for 10% off your order.

Future Makeup Geek launches

Marlena explained that this is just Stage 1 of the Makeup Geek rebrand and in Stage 2 we will see the face powders, highlighters, blushes, bronzers and contour powders, and in Stage 3 new eyeshadows. The new eyeshadows will be a row of 7 pastel shades to complete the palette of 28 matte colorful eyeshadows, and more foiled eyeshadows to make a full 28 pan palette of those. In the future we will see the re-launching of duochrome shadows and new formulas, as well as the phasing out of plastic palettes for more eco-friendly cardboard. I am a bit double about this because I love their sturdy Vault palettes.

Makeup Geek retailers

As of January 2020 Makeup Geek is only available on their website and in the USA at Target. Although Makeup Geek ships internationally at reasonable rates, that means that of us internationals the shadow of customs is always present for orders over a 22€ value. Marlena confirmed that they are working to get a UK stockist to solve this problem but there is no date available yet.

I hope that this post has been informative enough and thank you for stopping by my blog. I am now off to painting my eyeballs in all the new eyeshadows that Makeup Geek sent me to try. You can find all the posts and video links below:

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