Makeup Geek colorful eyeshadow swatches

After sharing all the information and details about the recent Makeup Geek rebrand in the introduction post, here I compared old and new rebranded shades. You can watch the full review on my Youtube channel, where I talk you through each shade and how it performs on the eye too. In this post I will show you the Makeup Geek colorful eyeshadow swatches and rebrand comparisons. You can find the neutral eyeshadow swatches in my previous post. Don’t forget to use the affiliate code ALICESBEAUTYMADNESS to get 10% off your order on

The Makeup Geek colorful palette contains 21 matte and 7 foiled eyeshadows. I borrowed the next image from Makeup Geek’s Instagram and noted with a * the shades that were already present in the round pan collection. In the swatches below the Underlined names are the NEW rebranded shadows.

Makeup Geek green eyeshadow swatches

Makeup Geek rebrand green eyeshadow swatches: Illuminaughty, Olive You, Spilled Tea, Enchanted Forest
  • Illuminaughty is a foiled light green, which is almost identical to the shade Showgirl. The latter is one of the last round pans they released. Fantastic formula as all their foiled shadows.
  • Olive You is a beautiful green transition shade, lighter and warmer than the og Dirty Martini.
  • Spilled Tea is closer to Dirty Martini, but more forest green in undertone.
  • Enchanted Forest got a re-vamp, but it lost a bit of the green undertone unfortunately, compared to the old one. This makes me sad.

Makeup Geek blue eyeshadow swatches

Makeup Geek rebrand blue eyeshadow swatches: Medieval, Blue me away, Seas the day, Time Travel
  • Medieval is a new foiled eyeshadow, with beautiful texture and depth, thanks to the teal base and light blue/silver glitter throughout. It is brighter and more interesting than Autumn Breeze from Fall 2018 collection.
  • Blue My Mind is a new light blue matte, which needs a bit of work blending and performing well.
  • Seas the day is the new medium blue, which is a touch more teal than the original Peacock
  • Time Travel is the one shade that I love more in the re-formulated version. This new shade is more saturated, less grey and smoother than the original. Love it!

Makeup Geek cool purple eyeshadow swatches

Makeup Geek rebrand purple eyeshadow swatches: Day Dreamer, Current Obsessions, Curfew, Eternally Grapeful
  • Day Dreamer is a bright lavender foil which remained the same in the reformulation.
  • Current Obsession is a new medium purple with a touch of magenta. All the mattes in this column were harder to blend, as is often the case with cool toned purples.
  • Curfew got a make over and is a bit cooler toned that the original. This was the hardest of the mattes to apply and blend.
  • Eternally Grapeful is a new matte dark purple, which is warmer than Motown and lighter than Taboo.

Makeup Geek warm purple eyeshadow swatches

Makeup Geek rebrand warm purple eyeshadow swatches: Whimsical, On Wednesday, Back to the Fuchsia, Wine and Dine
  • Whimsical is a light cool toned pink foiled. The new one is very similar to the original one, if not a slightly more pinky base.
  • On Wednesday is a new pink matte, which is more muted than the original Simply Marlena.
  • Back to the Fuchsia is a bright magenta matte, and the hardest of this group to apply and bland.
  • Wine and Dine is a deep berry shade, wonderful and rich.

Makeup Geek cool pink eyeshadow swatches

Makeup Geek rebrand warm purple eyeshadow swatches: Starry Eyed, Tuscan Sun, Pinky Promise, Berry Shady
  • Starry Eyed is an existing foiled inner corner highlight, the most classic of the foils in this first stage of the rebrand. The new shadow is the same as the old one.
  • Tuscan Sun is a best seller and personal favorite. A very unique warm pink, very similar to the old shade.
  • Pinky Promise is a new matte that however is almost the same as Tuscan Sun, and you might not need them both.
  • Berry Shady is a wonderful berry red, a strong favorite.

Makeup Geek peach eyeshadow swatches

Makeup Geek rebrand warm purple eyeshadow swatches: In the Spotlight, Peach to the Stars, Staycation, Hot Tamale
  • In the Spotlight is one of my favorite foiled shadows, a peach base with incredible shine.
  • Peach to the Stars is a new matte, quite close to some more recent round pan releases Summer Lovin and Punkin’. You don’t need them all.
  • Staycation is a bright pinky coral, much more pink than Poppy.
  • Hot Tamale is a gorgeous red, very vibrant and with a great formula.

Makeup Geek orange eyeshadow swatches

Makeup Geek rebrand orange eyeshadow swatches: Legend, Chickadee, Morocco, Brick House
  • Legend is back and the same as the old shade. I added a swatch of Flame Thrower in the old formula since it is also available on the website, even though they didn’t sent it to me.
  • Chickadee unfortunately turned more orange during the rebranding. I am quite sad about this since that point of yellow was wonderful.
  • Morocco also became a bit more muted during the rebranding. Another sad change in my opinion.
  • Brick House is a new shade, beautiful shade of brick red.

So guys that was it!! Check out the other two Makeup Geek rebrand posts with all the details and the neutral eyeshadow swatches. Let me know what shades sparked your interest!



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