Makeup Geek neutral eyeshadow swatches

After sharing all the information and details about the recent Makeup Geek rebrand in the introduction post, here I compared old and new rebranded shades. You can watch the full review on my Youtube channel, where I talk you through each shade and how it performs on the eye too. In this post I will show you the Makeup Geek neutral eyeshadow swatches and rebrand comparisons. Don’t forget to use the affiliate code ALICESBEAUTYMADNESS to get 10% off your order on

The Makeup Geek neutral palette contains 27 matte and one satin eyeshadow. I borrowed the next image from Makeup Geek’s Instagram and noted with a * the shades that were already present in the round pan collection. In the swatches below the Underlined names are the NEW rebranded shadows.

1st row: pale shades

Makeup Geek rebrand eyeshadow swatches 1st row: So pale, Vanilla bean, Shimma shimma, Banana split
  • So Pale is a very light, slightly warm toned bone shade. The new and old are identical
  • Vanilla Bean is another light shade, but the new one has a slightly more rosy undertone than the old one. It is difficult to capture on my light skin.
  • Shimma Shimma is the satin shade of this palette. The original was a straight up shimmer, whereas the new one is more of a satin and again has a slightly more rosey undertone.
  • Banana Split is a pastel yellow shade that contains more white than my beloved Rapunzel and Mirage.

2nd row: cool toned neutrals

Makeup Geek rebrand eyeshadow swatches 2nd row: Bedrock, Clean Slate, Take for Granite, Smoke Signal
  • Bedrock is a very cool light brown, almost grey I’d say. It is an original shade but I do not own it. It is also quite close to the shade Brownie Points.
  • Clean Slate is one step darker and a bit more brown. I don’t own anything similar.
  • Take for Granite is darker and more grey, as you can see in comparison with Grunge which already is very cool toned.
  • Smoke Signal is a very dark grey, almost black in the pan. However you can see that compared to the black shade corrupt, it is just a dark grey.

3rd row: neutral brown eyeshadow

Makeup Geek rebrand eyeshadow swatches 3rd row: Beach Please, Latte as usual, Espresso yourself, Dark Roasted
  • Beach Please is a light neutral brown, and surprisingly there was no similar shade in the old line.
  • Latte As Usual is a classic transition shade, which is nothing like the old Latte, but closer to the more recently released Creased.
  • Espresso Yourself is a beautiful deepening shade, with a slightly more yellow undertone compared to the og Mocha.
  • Dark Roasted is the darkest brown, slightly more neutral than the old Dark Roast.

4th row: warm neutral shades

Makeup Geek rebrand eyeshadow swatches 4th row: Creme Brulee. Honey Badger, Cheetah Bear, Chocolate Wasted
  • Creme Brulee is one of my most used transition shades, and I have a significant pan in old shadow. The new version is less warm than the old one.
  • Honey Badger is a very warm shade, close to the og Sora.
  • Cheetah Bear is the rebranded version of the best seller Cocoa Bear. The old shade name was dedicated to Marlena’s ex-husband and she rightfully decided to rename it. The new shade is very similar to the old one.
  • Chocolate Wasted is a dark warm brown that is stunning and new in the line up.

5th row: purpley neutrals

Makeup Geek rebrand eyeshadow swatches 5th row: Prim and proper, Blushin Beauty, Vintage, Americano
  • Prim and Proper is the lightest of the purple-toned nudes. It is lighter than Petal Pusher.
  • Blushing Beauty is even a bit darker than Petal Pusher and a strong cool pink.
  • Vintage is a dusty shade, very similar to the og Vintage, even though the formula seems improved.
  • Americano has taken a more purple tone in the rebranded version, and the formula seems improved.

6th row: red toned neutrals

Makeup Geek rebrand eyeshadow swatches 6th row: Cupcake, Getting figgy with it, Bitten, Give me the dirt
  • Cupcake got a major make over, and got darker and warmer than the og Cupcake.
  • Getting Figgy with it is a new shade in a beautiful velvety formula. Gorgeous!
  • Bitten used to be one of my favorites. The new version is more brown and warmer than the og. I noticed the difference on my eye but not everyone did, so I might be exaggerating.
  • Give Me the Dirt is the darkest here, even darker than the og Aphrodite. I added Cherry Cola to this comparison because I miss it. RIP Cherry Cola, luckily I have a back up.

7th row: mustard neutrals

Makeup Geek rebrand eyeshadow swatches 7th row: Had me at yellow, Tiki Hut, Deja brew, Espresso yourself, Coffee before talkee
Makeup Geek rebrand eyeshadow swatches 7th row: Had me at yellow, Tiki Hut, Deja brew, Espresso yourself, Coffee before talkee
  • Had me at Yellow is a new shade, a light mustardy yellow.
  • Tiki Hut is a very underrated shade, great transition. The new one is pretty much identical to the old one.
  • Deja Brew is a gorgeous brown, beautiful formula and a nice yellow tone to it.
  • Espresso Yourself is yet darker, and you can see the difference with the other dark browns in the palette.

So guys that was it!! I will be working on the colorful palette swatches for this Makeup Geek rebrand. Let me know what shades sparked your interest!



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