Colourpop x The Child palette dupes

Colourpop x The Child palette dupes

In the Youtube video on my Youtube channel you can find my Colourpop x The Child palette review, as well as a live swatch and discussion of the first round of dupes, and new and improved ones. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel as the contents come there and on Instagram first.

Colourpop x The Child palette dupes

Mi first guesses that you see above, weren’t too far off, but definitely affected by oversaturated photos I saw online. So with the palette in hand, I found better dupes that you can see below.

From the wrist to the elbow:

Overall I love the color story of this palette and don’t mind that I could dupe it easily. Surprisingly, you can get very wearable green looks, as well as some stunning neutral ones two.

Did you buy the palette?
I am trying to transfer a lot of my swatches and dupes from Youtube and Instagram only, to the blog as well, so that they are easier to search and find from Google. If you want to see what is already there, my Dupes tag will take you there.



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